Day Ten (2 of 2)

Same day.

Gavin sent us to investigate two details here in town.  The first was a public incident that took place yesterday, one that somehow didn’t involve us.  An Elf and some other men started a brawl in a crowded market square.  The troublemakers had weapons.  Quite unusual; weapons don’t get in past the gate searches.  Militia arrived and broke it up.

The second was the farmer and wife we rescued from the Elf raiding party.  They have gone missing.  Their horses were seen fleeing the town; their cart hasn’t been seen.  Gavin suspects the two events may be linked.  He thinks the fight was a distraction, and he wants us to find out what is going on.

We back-tracked the missing couple to the inn where they had lodged.  They hadn’t stayed there last night.  Searched the main and back alleys in the area, eventually found their cart abandoned outside a warehouse.  Found surprising evidence that the cart was equipped with false panels, possibly for smuggling purposes.

The warehouse was locked.  Inside could be some clue to why the cart was left in this spot, tucked away out of sight, so we had to get in.  Calum went and retrieved a town guardsman to permit us access to the building.  Turned out that as Guild members on official business, our group already had what passes for legitimate authority.  So we legally broke in.

Warehouse was unoccupied.  Found the farmer and his wife, dead.  ‘Executed’ is the more concise; I estimated their end was brought about quickly.  Reece said it looked professional.  Alex took a look after I did, said he couldn’t do anything with them.  I think he meant to say, he couldn’t do anything for them.

Xel’Xaran poked about.  Sharp eyes; he spotted false bottoms in some of the crates in the dark of the warehouse, and beneath one, he discovered a trap-door.  Below this, a ladder, leading down into a hidden chamber.  This chamber was abandoned.  Dirty, used alchemy equipment was evidence of some kind of work done here.  Whether it was the construction of poisons or materials for some ritual, we couldn’t tell.

Nothing of value was left down there.  Came back up to the warehouse and searched around.  Found some steel ingots, much to Calum’s delight.  Also found a few unremarkable items tucked away, low quality weapons and a few coins.  Left the building otherwise as we found it.  Returned to the Guild House, made a report to Gavin, turned over the steel.  He dismissed us until morning; he is considering his next orders.

We are richer for today’s efforts.  Courage and wit have served us well, we have grown a level in experience !  Our luck certainly increases by one.  We have grown more resilient, more skilled.  I have the capacity for another orison and another 1st-level spell each day.

No sojourns into town tonight; we rest in our sleeping hall, and pool thoughts on the findings of the day.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
10th Day, town of Callia, territory of Ælim.


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