Day Fourteen (6 of 8)

BOB had a good idea.  He shut the door.

The big door, that is.  Heaving his body weight against it, BOB shoved the broad warehouse door along its track and closed off the gap from which the lizardmen had entered.  This left only the normal size door.  Another foe entered from outside.

The moment he was inside, this enemy attacked Wilhelm, hit him with a tricky flick of his blade.  BOB sprinted over to engage him, lashed out with a curious strike, what looked like an attempt to stun the swordsman.  It had no effect.

I put a modest Cure Light Wounds onto Pulp.  Will sent some of his fury into his assailant, and Spiritz hauled out a stick and took a swipe, to no end.  BOB found his mark; his fists darted impossibly fast in the poor light and the flurry sent the invader into the dirt.

Expecting something to happen next, nothing did.  No one else came in the door, but we did hear sounds of combat from outside.  I first thought perhaps the two parties of smugglers had broken trust and attacked each other.  We looked out, cautiously; five town guards had arrived on scene and faced off man-to-man with the smugglers.  The guards were plainly out-matched.

Wilhelm and Pulp paused a moment to recover.  I was uncertain what to do until BOB looked out onto the fray and declared to the effect of, “Good, they should buy us some time to recover.”  That pretty much settled it for me.  I wasn’t going to fight but I sure wasn’t going to let the town guards get slaughtered while we rested in the safety of the warehouse.  I went outside, close against the wall, tried to be noticed so some of the smugglers might come engage us.  If I went, my fellows would have to follow me.  They would be in grave danger if I wasn’t around to heal them.

Wilhelm burst out not far behind me, making straight for the nearest foe, landing a solid hit as BOB followed into just the right spot to flank the same guy and hit twice.  For that BOB was rewarded with a VERY nasty blade across the midsection; our monk wavered but did not yield.

Pulp was out and immediate felled his greatest foe, who was on the verge of falling and our Cleric was generous and showed him the way.  The town guards hurried out of the way as we chewed our way into their fight.

Raging Wilhelm and deft-handed BOB dropped more smugglers, even Spiritz found his mark once or twice.  I did not see much of the fight and so cannot convey details exactly; I was more concerned with the health of the wounded town-guards who had retired to the sidelines.

BOB mis-stepped at one point, took a hit he didn’t see coming, and dropped.  Out of spells, I tried to administer aid from my healing kit but the melee and the poor light made it exceptionally difficult.  Fortunately my work made it very easy for Pulp to complete the healing; BOB was saved with my help.

When I looked up next, startled by the sudden lack of noise and fury, I saw that it was all over.  The ground was mucked up with blood and bodies, and we were exhausted, but it was done.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
14th Day, town of Mid-Plain, territory of Ælim.




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