Day Twenty (2 of 4)

A bird.  A large bird.  A raven, of all things.  As Alex sat down and Gavin assumed the head of the table to speak, Spiritz quietly asked Reece “what the deal (was) with the crow”.  Again, I am to be the expert in proper taxonomy and nomenclature of creatures ?

The raven stood silently on Alex’s shoulder, looking at each of us in turn with the avian equivalent of disdain.  Yet it looked respectfully at Gavin as our Guild-master addressed us.  I presume, at the time of this writing not yet knowing for sure, that Alex acquired this creature as a Familiar.  Where and how, I cannot guess, but from Alex’s pale appearance I will make certain statement that it was not done outside, or during the daytime.

Gavin was direct, but this time more engaging than in our past meetings.  He introduced a new member of our team, the Dwarf Fighter, Gord.  Gord nodded hello and took a seat on our bench.

Our Guild-master was exceptionally pleased at the resolution to our mission.  By the intelligence gathered by his sources, Gavin suggests that we have dealt the smuggling ring a fatal disruption to their activities.

The exact purpose for the steel ingots is not known, but portions of the alchemical notes we discovered in the subterranean laboratories were successfully decoded.  The partial translation shows evidence that attempts were being made to research a method of transmuting one substance into another, unknown, kind of substance.  This discovery cannot be tied directly to the steel, as only circumstantial evidence ties the used laboratories to the smuggling operations.

Some tensions were stoked between our Guild and others, as those enemies we had captured wearing sashes were legitimate members of opposing Guild houses.  Gavin dismissed this as a problem.  Guild business in Callia and elsewhere in Ælim often involves an exchange of petty hostilities and loaded overtures of feigned goodwill.  His suggestion is that our efforts will send a message to other Guilds, in reply to something they may have done for which only Gavin knows.

And to Lunk and Dusty…  Gavin seemed amused at the comedy of errors that had found our group just missing rendezvous with our absent allies.  Indeed that very morning Gavin had met with our two Fighters, and after discussion some mysterious issue with them (which I see now also involves the rest of us), our Guild-master had cause to send them off on a mission.

By the tone of Gavin’s debriefing, I felt for certain that we had finally accomplished our mission to Mid-Plain, and that we were promoted to a higher level of experience.  It was a surge in confidence and esteem – as if we were born to be kings and we were the princes of the universe.  For a moment it was a rush to make one lose their head, if not possessed of self-control.

Yet just when it felt like we were promoted to a new state of respect and prestige, there came an attendant to Gavin’s ear.  Our Guild-master nodded and there again came his look of preoccupation and stress for lack of time.  He urged us to take up our gear and follow him out, as there was something immediate we needed to attend.

My heart sank.  So close to our dormitory and its admittedly horrible straw beds and stale air and dust-filled, stagnant heat; a place where we might have rested before being sent off on yet another mission.  We fell in behind out Gavin and his security escort, marched out into the blinding, scorching sunlight, and headed off into Callia.  Quick turn-around for Wilhelm, and so too for us.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
20th Day, back in Callia, territory of Ælim.




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