Day Twenty-One

Oh, what a truly magnificent day.  Everything went right for a change.

My bed is very comfortable.  I had the best sleep last night, the best in a month.  At morning meditation I discovered that I have ascended a level in experience, gaining access to 2nd-Level divine spells.  Cure Moderate Wounds and Lesser Restoration are now in my possession !  And almost just as good, I now have the ability to Scribe Scrolls.

My associates have also gained a level; they spoke with enthusiasm at breakfast in our dining-room.  This enthusiasm carried through the day; as we finished breakfast we were pounced upon by a short, frenetic fellow named Toby.  Toby is the steward to our housing block and other Guild properties in this neighbourhood.  All hours of the day, this poor fellow is at the beck and call of Guildsmen who reside in the area.  Though from what I saw, he seems to revel in the responsibility.  In fact today he has been a labourer, manager, tinkerer, purchasing officer, accountant, landlord, and interior decorator – with the knowledge of a bard and the resourcefulness of a rogue.

We were hardly done breakfast when he leapt into the room, introduced himself, memorized our names with ease, and hurried us out into the hall and back to our rooms so that he could start the task of furnishing and supplying us within reasonable distance of our whims.  For half the day today, he and his corps of servants buzzed around us, in and out of our rooms, measuring and noting and finding and delivering.

I did not want to ask to what limit I might ask items from the Guild; while our houses are adequate, we are not high-ranking in the Guild and I suspected that Gavin would sign off on only the most reasonable of wants.  So respectfully I made inquiries and requests of Toby, and the house-steward showed stunning resourcefulness.  In the space of the next few hours, my apartment went from sparse to furnished, stocked, and actually quite comfortable.

I requested two more travelling-outfits, in the traditional white-and-red colors of my profession.  Out of nowhere Toby summoned a tailor, who tangled me in measuring-string and then disappeared promising delivery within a week.  For my front-room I asked Toby for two simple cots, and a small supply of healing kits.  While I am in residence it is my intention to serve as an on-call medic, and I told Toby so.  Labourers arrived an hour later with two sturdy beds and a large stack of healing kits.

Toby had put the word to Gavin while our house-steward was in a maelstrom of planning and organizing, and our Guild-master approved a full supply of healing kits to be kept in my clinic.  Toby even offered to have a brownsmith associate of his forge a caduceus symbol for my front-door, and a placard indicating if I am in-house or out.  I like this Toby fellow.  He is very intuitive.  No doubt he can get word around that a talented doctor is now in residence.

It was mid-afternoon by the time Toby and his gang of followers were finished with us.  I toured from unit to unit, checking in on my fellows.  Reece was on his way out when I saw him; last night he had the company of a young lady and he was dressing up to find another tonight, so could spare few words.  The others were quite pleased with their apartments.  I don’t know for Alex, however.  While I did see him during the frenzy early this afternoon, he has shut himself in his room.  A freshly lettered sign hangs on his door, in several languages asking one to not disturb him.

I have a desk now, and supplies for making scrolls !  Toby met my request and procured a supply of scroll-parchment, hard-case tubes for protectively storing scrolls, and inks.  There is enough here for five scrolls; three I will write tonight, and two tomorrow.  The scroll-writing and materials have cleaned me out; 850 gold pieces I have spent on this.  As I have no other costs it is an acceptable expenditure, especially when one of these scrolls saves a companion’s life.

Others of the group are going drinking tonight to celebrate the day; I am staying in.  With a sturdy desk and comfortable chair, I can accomplish a lot this night.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
21st Day, town of Callia, territory of Ælim.




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