Day Twenty-Two

Marcus you are such an idiot.  SUCH an idiot.

All this time I suffered, and sweltered, and bore the indignity of damp sweaty clothes – when it was all completely unnecessary.  Was I really in the Academy just a couple months ago ?  Had my mind softened and dulled so much in six or eight weeks ?  Has something in Callia’s questionable water supply clouded up my brain and made me forget the most obvious solution to my slow death by heat-stroke ?

Woke this morning to find the day starting off toward being another scorcher.  Meditated in discomfort.  My apartment, even with the curtains closed, was just a bit too warm.  I took immediately to the privy and requested a bath, with as little hot water as I could stand.  The servant-girl drew one just right, cold by not frigid.  As I soaked in as much cold as I might absorb for the day ahead, collecting my thoughts in silence, the servant-girl, Selene, returned with towels.  Before leaving she offhandedly suggested that today would be a hot one out, and a difficult one to endure.

Endure.  Endure.

Would that I could have dashed my head against the wooden edge of the tub and slipped below the water-line to drown first of my own ignorance.  Nine Hells, how did I miss it ?  The solution was right there this whole time.

As part of my suite of Level 1 spells, I possess a simple and obviously forgettable spell called Endure Elements.  It falls in the gap between healing spells (those so constantly lauded at the Academy) and offensive spells (forbidden to us); one of several spells, like Resurgence, which we were taught in passing.  No Material components involved for Endure Elements, and it lasts 24 hours.  I have my spells for today but tomorrow I will add it to my morning meditation.  By all accounts, when it is active, I should be as comfortable in the deathly chill of a wind-swept, icy mountain chasm or the deepest inferno of a desert, as I am on a spring afternoon.

The excitement of my epiphany carried me through the morning.  I had written three scrolls last night; one each of Cure Light Wounds, Lesser Restoration, and Remove Paralysis.  With the materials I had left, I completed another Cure Light Wounds and Remove Paralysis before a knock came to my door.

It was a messenger summoning each member of our group to the Guild Hall.  I dressed and caught up with Spiritz as he was leaving his own house, and we braved the heat together.

Gavin waited patiently for the last stragglers of our team to arrive.  Alex and his raven were already there when Spiritz and I took our seats.  The raven stared at us, disapproving.  Alex nodded a greeting.  I tried to smile at the raven but I think I only offended it more.

New mission for us.  We are needed at a Guild-friendly village a day’s walk inland from Downmarsh Station.  Yissic contacted Gavin to request our assistance with some problem there.

No more information than that.  We returned to our living quarters, some excited for a new assignment, others (like myself) not keen on two days on that tainted river again.  And I don’t like the sound of this village.  I picture rickety platforms on stilts anchored loosely into fathomless boggy black water.

We leave early tomorrow; I must make the most of sleeping in a comfortable, dry, pest-free bed tonight.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
22nd Day, down-river from Callia, territory of Ælim.




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