Day Twenty-Four

This morning I put on my leather armor, which was uncomfortable as the day started to warm up with the rising sun.  But I cast a fresh Endure Elements for the day, and no sooner done than I started to feel very comfortable again.  It was not as hot today as in Callia these past few days – at least, not from what I could see around me, but the others looked uncomfortable until we made Downmarsh Station late in the day.

As we floated down the river, Alex sent his raven out to scout, at first the immediate area and later, for extended periods to cover more ground.  It would relay information to its master when it returned.  Always in that clunky language they shared.  I have not heard the raven make any kinds of raven sounds.  Alex keeps the information to himself, whatever it is.

I have not gotten to ask any of the others what our new level of experience has brought them.  We did have a discussion about our houses, and how nice it was to be out of the Guild hall dormitory.  Xel’Xaran observed that while Pulp complains about his neighbour Reece’s overnight guests now, matters will only get worse when Dusty returns to his apartment, which shares a wall with Pulp’s unit.

As some of the group made fun of what this likely meant for the long-suffering cleric, I got to thinking about Dusty (and Lunk, for that matter) and I wondered seriously if we actually would see them again any time soon.  Gavin had not suggested differently, but I wonder if our allies aren’t ever coming back to our group.  Maybe this is how mercenaries operate ?  Seldom ever in one place, making alliances today and moving on tomorrow.  I think that must be a tough way to live.

Downmarsh saw us coming, literally and figuratively.  Spiritz and Xel’Xaran looked in at the market, Gord wanted to try the tavern.  I warned him about the frogs.  He looked at me sideways, shook his head, and went over.  I am certain he found out on his own.

Yissic is expecting us tomorrow, and should meet us nearby, I think.  I will write down more of my tale of the Heather to kill time.  And maybe find more of that leaf-wrapped meat.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
24th Day, Downmarsh Station, territory of Ælim.

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