Day Twenty-Eight (1 of 3)

Tragedy has befallen our group.

This morning, before noon, my fellows returned from their scouting mission.

Feeling much better than the days before, I was out of the shoddy Guild house and walking around.  Pondering how salty the coffee was in this village, I heard a commotion.  Thinking there may be trouble, I made for the source.

At the other side of the village I saw that it was my allies who had come into view of the lookouts.  Pulp and BOB carried the body of Reece.  He lay ashen and still upon a makeshift litter, his wounds dark and dry.  Never again would he to wake to the day.

They were injured, partly but poorly mended, and downcast.  I went quickly to Reece and did what Pulp had certainly already done.  My heart sank as I confirmed his death.  So very full of life and vigor and drive only two days ago when I saw him last, and now, laid down to Death.

Yissic appeared and there were words between he and BOB and Pulp, a quick and heated discussion.  Xel’Xaran stood by, looking very serious.  Our scouting party had been ambushed by Hobgoblins; far more dangerous a breed than simple Goblins; and the very best, tactically and strategically, of the draconic races.  Their numbers were comparative to ours.  The fight sounded like a messy one.

All other business was to wait.  There were spoils of the fight to assess, and the full story to be explained, but one matter was far more necessary at that time.

We carried the young Hexblade (or Spellblade, or Duskblade – I regret that I do not know for sure) out into the marshlands.  We alone; none from the village.  None but us, his people, his friends.  We dug in a spot where the land rose enough that a hole of six or eight feet in depth did not immediately seep full of brown water.  Here we laid Reece to final repose, with his equipment adorning him in the honorable fashion favoured by warriors.

We stood about for a few minutes.  Then, in silence, we returned to the marsh village.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
28th Day, marsh village, territory of Ælim.



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2 Responses to Day Twenty-Eight (1 of 3)

  1. vobeskhan says:

    Very well written, I like the style of it being your characters journal, wish some of my players would do the same.

  2. d20horizons says:

    Thanks ! Keeping this journal has helped our group track what we have done over the course of the adventure so far, and bring new or absent players up to speed on events.

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