Day Twenty-Eight (2 of 3)

Back at the marsh village I noticed someone new.  He had not come with us to lay our friend to rest; instead waiting, respectfully, apart from the villagers and marsh Guildsmen, for us to return.

I was introduced to this Elf.  He gave his name as “Isis”, alluding it to be a shorter form of his full name, but a suitable name nonetheless.  He is of our Guild in Callia, a field operative of Gavin’s, and he is to join our band of adventurers.  Isis, I would hear later, is both a Fighter and Sorcerer, a unique mix of the two disciplines.  He offered his condolences for the loss of our friend.

Yissic was angry, and insisted upon an explanation.  At first I took his indignation as an indictment of our group’s performance in the field.  Quickly I realized that Yissic, entirely to my surprise, is upset at our loss and our trouble.  It was never the druid shaman’s intention that we would walk into a trap, or lose one of our own.  His reptilian fury was stoked by the poor intelligence he had received regarding the threat outside of his village.

BOB and Pulp told a very simple story of what happened, and it is no more unusual than the facts stated plainly.  Our group found an area that showed sign of recent travel, and as they planned their ambush, an ambush befell them.  Eight Hobgoblins attacked; the results of the fight I have mentioned.

Before I started to write this entry, Alex found me in my room at the Guild house.  Previously he might have seen me writing this journal.  He must have one of his own in progress, for he gave me a copied page of his journal from the day I was most ill here in the village.  It was a very strange encounter, as Alex simply handed me the paper and left me alone to my work.  At any rate I will insert it in this journal, as it provides some insight to events of that day from a first-hand witness.

We have some potions of healing from Yissic.  These he traded to us, at a generous rate of exchange as a small token of contrition, for the weapons and armor recovered from the dead Hobgoblin soldiers.  After that exchange, Yissic did not show himself around the village this afternoon or at dinner.  Evidently he is distressed by what happened to our scouting party.

My fellows believe that there are more Hobgoblins out there in the marshlands, perhaps within two days’ march.  At first light we will set out to survey the area around the ambush site and look for clues to the whereabouts of their camp.

Tonight everyone turned in early.  There was no interest in the warm summer night and its swarming clouds of bugs.  There is no joy in our hearts this night.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
28th Day, marsh village, territory of Ælim.



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