“Moonwatch” – Character-creation guidelines.

Conditions and guidelines for character-creation by players in the “Moonwatch” D&D v3.5 game :

All books for which we have a physical copy at E.G.’s are open for use.  For legal (read : keepin’ this classy) reasons, the “Book of Erotic Fantasy” is off the table.  And just for M.H.’s sake, the 2nd Ed “Oriental Adventures” and “Complete Book of Humanoids” are also prohibited.

All Classes and Prestige Classes are open.  If a Prestige Class has a prerequisite (such as owning a ship for “Dread Pirate”), work it into your back-story.  If it is a situational prereq for a Feat (such as beating the shit out of a hippopotamus for “Blessed By Tem-Et-Nu”), then the same applies.

Variants of Classes presented in the PHB-II and Sandstorm are open.

The Starting Level for characters is 11.  Starting XP is therefore 55,001.

All alignments are open.  Be aware that certain choices may carry considerable drawbacks that may make a character unworkable in a goal-oriented, team-based adventure.

The attribute parameters are “roll 4d6, keep best three dice, re-roll 1’s.”  Bear in mind that your character will have an additional point from both 4th and 8th level.

Non-standard (level-adjusted) races / character types may be allowed pending D-M approval.  As stated before, be aware that certain choices may carry considerable drawbacks that may make a character unworkable in a goal-oriented, team-based adventure.  This means you, A.B.’s wet-dream Mind-Flayer Barbarian.

Each character has 66,000 gp to spend on equipment :

  • There is no “1/4 cap” on how much a player may spend on any one item.
  • Masterwork armor / shield / weapon(s) are to be considered free, for purposes of enchantment cost.
  • A character choosing Splint Mail armor gets a free +1 bonus enchantment on it.
  • To encourage diversity, a +5% bonus to starting gold is offered to players whose character is female / gnome / halfling / half-orc / bard (bonus is additive if multiple options are selected)
  • Characters may start with a horse of median quality, as well as saddle and related equipment for the mount.
  • Characters each start with a Type-I Bag of Holding and mundane adventuring equipment as they see fit.
  • Characters each start with either an Amulet of Natural Armor +2 or a Cloak of Resistance +3 (upgrades cost the difference to next item level).
  • All Arcane spells are available. Arcane casters get 2 spells per level free of charge; other spells are available at a cost of 100gp per spell level.
  • Spellcasters may assume to have a healthy supply of material components for spells for free (those comps with values under 100gp)

The only back-story requirement for characters is as follows :  at one point in the character’s career, s/he was a member of good standing in the “Drake’s Dragoons” Guild in the city of Meridian in the kingdom of Corinthia; parted company on the same good terms; and has now responded to a letter asking for help from said Guild.



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