“Moonwatch” – Overview of Mission.

DRAKE’S DRAGOONS, Guild in good standing in the capitol city of Meridian, Kingdom of Corinthia, has been contracted to perform a Royal Service as commanded by the Lord of War, Sir Vendec, and the Lord of Commerce, Sir Ashburne, pursuant to their authority as granted by His Highness The King of Corinthia.

Contact has been lost with the remote observation fortress of MOONWATCH TOWER, near the north-east border of Corinthia and Khör.  No messenger tokens have been received from MOONWATCH TOWER in ten days.  Scouts at a distance report that the signal beacons atop the tower are dark.  Support troops dispatched to the fortress have disappeared and not been heard from since.

It is suspected that the garrison at MOONWATCH TOWER may have been incapacitated or killed, and/or the Tower may have been overcome by superior forces of a nature not known.  Confirmation is needed.

MOONWATCH TOWER is located in a secure region of Corinthia, one not threatened by any of the nine currently identified Major Threats to the Kingdom.  While this matter is of concern to the Lord of War and other members of the DECADE OF LORDS, consensus is that resolution by Contract of Guild Services will suffice as there is no immediate urgency.

DRAKE’S DRAGOONS is herewith contracted to dispatch a team of adventurers, composition and armament and disposition as seen fit by the Guildmaster(s), to MOONWATCH TOWER for the purposes of :


1. Determining the state of the MOONWATCH TOWER and its underground fortress.
2. Determine the state of the garrison of MOONWATCH TOWER.
3. If MOONWATCH TOWER has been taken by enemy forces, regain substantial control of the fortress and dispatch a request for re-enforcement.
4. If enemy forces are present, determine their composition, motivation, origin (as possible) and report same to the Lord of War and Lord of Commerce.
5. If communication was lost by mundane means, convey orders for garrison commander to immediately resume normal fortress operations and communications as per standing orders.

Further details with DRAKE’S DRAGOONS will be discussed during the mission briefing, TBA.

The Lord of Divinity reports a Low- to Very-Low likelihood of the involvement or presence of Undead in the area.

The Lord of Diplomacy reports no unusual troop movements by Our Allies the Dwarfs of Khör, along the bordering region in question.

Above as by the grace of His Highness The King of Corinthia, signed this date.




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