“Moonwatch” – Fifth Adventure night (Day 5, part 3 of 5).

The combat that follows is a howl of disarray, good luck, terribly bad luck, and misfortune.

As Lester and Kartug position themselves to face potential attackers, Genive activates her Ring of Invisibility and slips away to the periphery of the battle zone, intending to flank her intended target, the necromancer Mata.  Activating the Rod of Quickening he had drawn forth and with which he had provoked this fight, Jaques turns himself Invisible and casts a Flight spell on himself, shooting up thirty feet in the air.  Both seem adequate defensive measures, and both of the Heroes have protected themselves while leaving three visible allies to engage five enemies.

Grace McMaster moves to about fifteen feet from the Dread Pirate Wobberts, and in a flirtatious manner, coaxes the Swashbuckler to come engage her in a duel.  Torresh, launching into a Rage, is disappointed and frustrated that the acid-casting Wizard has flown up into the air, a feat the Elf Barbarian Occult Slayer cannot duplicate.  Fortunately, Torresh still has several minutes left on the True Seeing spell cast on him as the Heroes came into view, so the Slayer advances to the middle ground of the fight and waits for an opportunity.

Harold Mata, too, is blessed with True Seeing and is entirely aware of the position of Genive and of Jaques.  He attempts to stymie Jaques with a Prickling Torment spell, but Jaques succeeds in the Will Save.

Hurtful Darkness is unleashed upon Kartug Igmutin.  The Half-Orc Reaping Mauler wastes no time, charging the Half-Orc Fighter and Grappling him with an immensely powerful hold.  For the rest of their struggle, Hurtful Darkness will have the upper hand, keeping Kartug grappled and inflicting damage both with his unarmed strikes and by contact with Darkness’s Acidic chain-mail armor.  Hurtful Darkness easily succeeds in Pinning Kartug for two rounds, almost long enough to possibly kill the Hero with Darkness’s Devastating Grapple move, but Kartug breaks the pin before a save against instant death is required.  Kartug makes no successful attacks against the mountain of muscle and hatred, not even breaking the grapple before falling comatose from damage.  When this happens, the Chaotic Evil wrestler sees his chance, maintains the grapple, and kills Kartug.

The Half-Giant Restel has been busy casting spells.  Largely ignored as his associates tangle in melee with the Heroes, Restel targets Lester with ranged spells like Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere and Chain Lightning and Fireball.  Harold Mata finds himself in trouble as Lester’s Summoned Bralani Eladrin warrior engaged him in melee.  Managing to stay a few steps out of toe-to-toe combat, Mata tries to encumber Genive with withering spells such as Prickling Torment and a particularly potent Enervation; he is not met with success.

Meanwhile, Wobberts has been hesitant to charge McMaster, but the two finally clash in a brief exchange.  The Dread Pirate, while landing a couple stinging blows, finds himself answered with Attacks of Opportunity as Grace employs her Karmic Strike feat.  The Duelist’s weapon deals the Swashbuckler both Constitution damage (one point for each hit) as well as Subdual damage.  Wobberts is not being permanently injured but is slowly weakening away toward unconsciousness.

At the point where Kartug’s life had not yet been taken and his struggle reached a climax, Restel dropped a Blistering Radiance spell just on the other side of the confluence of Lester, Torresh, Wobberts, and McMaster.  It briefly Dazzles the Heroes within its area of effect, and deals them Fire damage.  Torresh, having abandoned his flying target but suddenly realizing there was another spellcaster equally deserving of killing, had rushed Lester.  Lester had cast Mirror Images on himself, creating seven identical doppelganger images as a protective measure.  But Torresh’s True Seeing cut through the mirages as the Occult Slayer landed a pair of devastating hits against the Halfling, almost dropping him.

In the air, Jaques did his best to cast helpful offensive spells against Torresh, and Wobberts broke off his entanglement with the Duelist to attempt to make himself a better target.  But the Occult Slayer is singular of focus and, seeing a chance to kill a Mage, did so – his next attack definitively killed the Halfling Conjurer.

Now a five-on-three in the villains’ favour, the odds even as the Bralani Eladrin and Genive manage to drop the largely ineffective Necromancer.  Or so they thought; taking a dive, Mata appeared to have fallen comatose from his injuries, having in hand a destructive booby-trap to await a victim after the battle.  But Genive is hard of heart and cruelly efficient; she sends another arrow into the seemingly dead sorcerer just to “make sure”, thereby actually killing the Necromancer.

Jaques sends down two Chain Lightning’s (the electrical aspect converted to acid damage), hitting Grace and Torresh – although Torresh’s Ring of Evasion spares him damage from one of the spells.  The Duelist, much to her anger, is flattened, comatose and bleeding out and not rendered so by her intended target.  Torresh sees the weak position he is in; a Swashbuckler edging into melee combat, a flying sorcerer, and two of his useful allies down.  At least part of his mission accomplished, the Occult Slayer makes to run away.

Restel sees that his intended foe, Lester, has been dropped and continues to broil within the radius of the Blistering Radiance spell – as does Wobberts, for that matter.  For some reason deciding not to retreat, the Half-Giant advances to support Hurtful Darkness.  The Reaping Mauler, casting aside the limp rag-doll Kartug, charges Wobberts.  The Swashbuckler has no hope against the wrestler and is grappled, and crushed to unconsciousness.

Hustling back to the close range, Genive spares Torresh a pair of arrows as the Barbarian retreats, dropping him.  She, and the Bralani Eladrin, with Jaques’s spells from above, will just barely pull out the fight for the Heroes’ side.  It takes little more damage than he has already taken, for Restel to drop.  As Wobberts somehow slides to the ground out of Hurtful Darkness’s expert grapple, the Reaping Mauler is left exposed to arrow fire and spells and the melee Bralani.  The evil Half-Orc takes substantial damage in quick fashion, and drops on the spot.

The fight is thus ended.  Genive wanders over to the Elf Barbarian Torresh, who is still technically alive but bleeding out, and coups-de-grace the wildman Occult Slayer.  She intends the same fate for Grace McMaster, but the Duelist dies of her wounds anyway.

Jaques and Genive meet at the center of the carnage.  When the Bralani Eladrin’s duration expires, he disappears back to his own Plane.  This leaves only the Spymaster and the acid-casting Wizard standing.  Around them, death and destruction and the sudden, natural quiet of the countryside.




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