“Moonwatch” – Fifth Adventure night (Day 5, part 4 of 5).

Kartug Igmutin and Lester are both dead.  Lester’s hawk familiar, Percy, is still alive.  The bird perches defensively on his master’s smoldering corpse, eyes on his Lester’s allies to see what they intend to do.

Genive revives Wobberts with a healing potion.  Only unconscious, the Dread Pirate just needed enough healing to overcome some of the Subdual damage the Duelist had dealt him.  His Constitution damage remains, however, and will diminish at a natural rate over the next day or two.

The bodies of the Halfling and Half-Orc are recovered and set apart for the battle, respectfully reposed.  Then, the surviving Heroes check their foes for signs of life and when finding none, remove from them their goods.

The Half-Giant was not possessed of much unique equipment, and the Reaping Mauler’s unique gear was his chain shirt dripping in a magic acid that does not affect the armor itself.

The Occult Slayer has two interesting rings – one a Ring of Evasion, and the other a Ring of Minor Acid Resistance.  As it happened, the Acid Resistance ring had been protecting Torresh from a significant portion of the acid damage that Jaques thought he had been dealing the Barbarian.  Torresh’s weapon is a monster; a +4 Vicious Human-Bane Heavy Mace.  No-one still alive has the Knowledge : Local skill by which to make a check on this find.

The Dread Pirate Wobberts takes wide-eyed interest in the weapon found with Grace McMaster.  It is a quickblade rapier, deft and sleek and perfectly suited for a staggering Feint in combat.  In fact this is a +2 Anarchic Merciful Wounding Quickblade Rapier, and it will be surprisingly harmful in Wobberts’ hands if he takes it as his own.  The Duelist was also in possession of a very mundane weapon, a Masterwork Rapier made of bronze.  The Swashbuckler does not realize it, but Grace McMaster is something of a trophy collector.  And had the Duelist bested the Swashbuckler in combat, she intended to take Wobberts’ sword and leave him with this bronze weapon as an intricate reward, gift, and insult.

No find in this looting may have been more profound than upon the body of the Necromancer, Harold Mata.  Even in death, the Sorcerer and Mind Spy is no less eerie or harmless.  In his hand is found a Type VII Necklace of Fireballs.  Playing possum, the Necromancer intended to strip all the fireball-beads from the necklace, teleporting away when examined by an unsuspecting Hero and leaving behind a pile of fireballs to explode.  This would have dealt an unthinkable 58d6 fire damage, with a successful Reflex Save cutting that in half.

On his person, the surviving Heroes locate a small object they identify as Iron Bands of Bilarro.  This device was no doubt intended to snare and secure Genive, either in life or in death, such that Mata could have stolen her away for his dark purposes.

It is mid-afternoon on Day Five, and fortunately the town of Meadowshade is just barely still in sight.  Taking all to be had from the villains, and loading up their dead allies, Genive, Jaques and Wobberts head back to town.




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