“Moonwatch” – Fifth Adventure night (Day 5, part 5 of 5).

Their first destination, on slinking back into Meadowshade, is the temple district.  Genive, Wobberts, and Jaques are careful to avoid notice by the town guards so recently their ouster.  The Heroes possess three Scrolls of True Resurrection.  One was a gift from Drake’s Dragoons.  The other two were loaned by the Corinthian government for their mission, and bear the official seal.  The Heroes need a Cleric to cast the spells.

The acolytes at the finest, most upstanding-looking temple they can find, are most welcoming.  The standard charge for a True Resurrection spell cast off a scroll is a 2000 gp service fee, which is entirely affordable to the Party.  The surviving Heroes pay for a Speak With Dead spell and confirm that both Kartug and Lester wish to return from the afterlife – it being their option to remain in whichever Plane they found themselves post-mortem, and be replaced by another recruit of Drake’s Dragoons.

Unfortunately, a discussion on how to approach the transaction of returning their allies to life becomes a heated disagreement, which spills into argument.  Jaques and Wobberts differ sharply on how to accomplish the return of their allies.  Jaques is fine to employ the “free” scroll gifted by their Guild and have the replacement cost of the government scroll come out of their eventual mission reward.

Wobberts insists that they should trade the very-high-value Heavy Mace to these clerics in exchange for a True Resurrection spell cast by the most senior cleric of the temple, thereby preserving a True Res scroll.  One might almost sense Lester, from beyond the grave, wildly waving his hand, trying to get Dread Pirate Wobberts’ attention about something.

The confrontation is derailed when Wobberts ignored Jaques for a moment and hauls out the +4 Vicious Human-Bane Heavy Mace for the clerics of this Lawful Good aligned temple to inspect.  The moment the clerics Identify the properties of the weapon, their countenance turns hostile and they demand that the Heroes vacate the premises immediately and never return.

Hustled out the temple door, the Heroes stow the weapon and lug their deceased allies down the street to the next choice, a Neutral Good aligned temple.  Genive parts with the group to go and Gather Information about this weapon and find out what is so offensive.

Over the next four hours, cautiously hitting up rogues on the edge of law-abiding society, Genive will learn that the Human-Bane weapon property is remarkably illegal in Corinthia, and that possession or use of such a weapon is subject to harsh penalty in the kingdom.  Consequently, selling the weapon, even to underworld types in Meridian who are rich and evil enough to afford it will be nearly impossible.  The Spymaster also learns that the clerics of the Lawful Good temple were duly diligent and informed the authorities of the existence and attempted barter of such a weapon by the Heroes.

Meanwhile, still unmarked for their unintentional crime, Wobberts and Jaques negotiate the 2000gp fee for casting off the True Resurrection scroll with the clerics of the Neutral Good aligned temple.  They hand over the scroll from Drake’s Dragoons and the clerics, having prepared Lester’s body, perform the ritual in a sacred space and return Lester to life.  The Halfling returns with no ill effects and in perfect health, possessed of all his good and faculties except knowledge of the events of the past two hours since he died.  Percy fills in the missing details, pleased to see his master alive again.

Next is Kartug Igmutin.  For this task Jaques hands over a Scroll of True Resurrection marked with the Corinthian government seal, understanding that this will cost the Heroes tens of thousands of gold from their eventual mission reward but knowing it is worth doing and utterly necessary.  Again the clerics remove to a sacred space, arrange the Half-Orc fighter, and begin the ritual as the Heroes look on.

But then they open the scroll, read it, and stop.  One cleric looks to the other, consulting him on the scroll’s contents.  That cleric takes the scroll and looks closer.  Then the first cleric leaves and returns with a senior cleric, who examines the document, and then comes over to the puzzled Heroes.

The senior cleric, suspecting either ignorance or a scam, pointedly informs the Heroes that this temple is not in the business of casting expensive spells for free, nor being duped into doing so.  He tells the Heroes that this scroll, while containing the proper text and appearing genuine, in fact contains none of the actual infused magic of a True Resurrection and is worthless for the purpose of casting that spell.

Lester has a bad feeling.  Jaques offers the other government-sealed True Res scroll for inspection.  The senior cleric needs only a glance to report it as useless as the first.  Deeply suspicious, Lester takes both fake scrolls and stores them away for later.

Wobberts and Jaques are confused, but realize they must get Kartug back, and so negotiate an alternate means.  The senior Cleric offers that none of his staff currently have any Raise Dead or better spells prepared for today, but tomorrow morning a Raise Dead spell would be available.  The cleric of their temple who can cast True Resurrection is travelling today, but will be present at this time tomorrow and can conduct the ritual then.

The group pauses to think.  Jaques excuses himself and ducks out of the temple.  He visits other Good-aligned temples that may offer the service, but find that none can better the current offer.

Lester and Wobberts, mulling their options, receive Jaques’ findings with disappointment.  This is an unwelcome delay, especially in a town that is growing increasingly unfriendly with the Heroes as their deeds and descriptions make official rounds.

Pooling their resources, the Heroes buy the afternoon True Resurrection casting at their current temple.  These clerics are even generous enough to cast Gentle Repose on Kartug’s body, to keep it fresh as it lies in state overnight.

At dinnertime, Lester, Wobberts and Jaques rendezvous with Genive at a pre-arranged spot, a nearby tavern.  They exchange information.  Jaques and Genive are able to alter their appearances at will, so there is little chance they will be spotted in public.  Not so for the Dread Pirate Wobberts and for Lester, both of whom will have to lay low in their rooms tonight.  In her intelligence-gathering, Genive happened upon another recruit of Drake’s Dragoons for their party, a yet-unnamed person of undetermined-class (to be played by A.T.) who will meet them outside of town tomorrow.

The plan for the following day is as follows.  Lester will cast the spell Chain of Eyes on a fellow party member, and the Halfling will wait at the temple with Kartug’s body.  The party will ride out of town, make distance overland, and stop to rest around mid-afternoon.  When Kartug is brought back to life, Lester will then Teleport himself and their resurrected ally to meet the group – knowing where to find them by virtue of Chain of Eyes.

The plan goes off without a hitch, and at 3 o’clock in the afternoon of Day Six, Lester and revived Kartug are reunited with the group.  The Party finds themselves on wild, open plains, very near to the start of the foreboding exclusion-zone…

The adventure ends here for the night.




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