“Moonwatch” – Eighth Adventure night (Day 7, part 3 of 3).

Jaques expresses interest in possibly stopping for the night, employing the Leomund’s Tiny Hut spell to create a safe place to rest and regain spells.  Lester, quite tired, nonetheless disagrees; he thinks the best option is to press forward, conserve their spells and strength as they go for the key.  There is concern that other Duergar parties on this floor may grow wise to their presence, sound alarm and drawn in reinforcements.

Genive offers to scout ahead while the Party waits.  There is no opposition.  Going Invisible, she slips out into the blackness.  Genive Moves Silently, listening into the tomb-like void of silence as she feels her way along one of the walls.  Coming to an intersection, she pauses.  From the blackness to her right, she can hear more than two voices quietly muttering in the Undercommon language, some distance away from her down a corridor.

Suddenly the conversation stops, and Genive freezes in place, hardly daring to breathe.

Several seconds pass.

Then the muttering resumes.  The Spymaster withdraws quietly, making her way back out of the dark toward a dim glow, then back into the storage room where the others wait by torchlight.

Genive becomes visible again and reports what she has discovered.  There is consideration of tactics.  This group of Duergar identified by the Spymaster sits directly in the path to the stairwell of interest to the Heroes.  Taking an alternate, unexplored hallway to the stairwell would leave these hostile forces at the Party’s back.  Cunning and tactics are set aside; the group will make a fast frontal attack on the occupied hallway.

The Spymaster announces her intent to sneak along a parallel hallway, circle around, and come up behind the Duergar party she has marked in the hallway.  At the same time, she will investigate nearby storage rooms and find out if a larger force of invaders waits in reserve.  Genive taps a Scout and a Dungeon Delver to accompany her.

Her hand on the Delver’s shoulder to let the Dwarf’s innate Darkvision guide her, Genive and her partner venture into the dark, with the Scout ahead and leading the way.

It was not made clear for how long the others should wait before attacking.  Lester, Jaques, Wobberts, and their Dwarf allies spend their time checking the walls of this cavernous storage room.  They find no other Duergar tunnel entrances.  Finally the group’s impatience gets the better of them; they arrange for battle and venture out into the dark, torches and Light spells banishing shadows.

Genive and her Dwarf companions, in the meanwhile, have circled around to the intersection behind where the Spymaster believed she heard the Duergar.  Creeping up on the corner, they listen in and hear the deep dwarves, not very far away.  The Duergar sound to be in the middle of the hallway’s length.  Genive and her Dwarfs withdraw quietly.

Neither the Delver nor the Scout sees anyone or anything else in this liquid black.  The Spymaster doesn’t see anything at all.  They escort Genive back to the entrance of a storage room and sneak inside to look.  Here again, more crates of supplies sitting still and silent.

Back at the other end of the Duergar hallway, the Heroes and the Dwarves burst around the corner, charging into combat.  As at the Duergar camp, there are again five Fighters and a Cleric.  In this case, however, the combat is fought in close quarters.  The ceiling is only ten feet high, and the hallway only twenty feet wide.  Two Duergar Fighters closest to the attacking force Enlarge themselves, blocking the way.  Khör Dwarves press against their line, and the battle is on.

The Heroes, for their part, are not heavily involved in this fight.  Dread Pirate Wobberts, an inspiration to the Dwarves, weaves his way to the fore of the line and does swift battle with the Duergar Fighters.  For his efforts he is hit by the Cleric with a Mark of Doom spell; the Cleric’s deity rewarding the Swashbuckler with 1d6 damage every time Wobberts harms a foe in melee combat.  Undeterred, Wobberts presses on and becomes a decisive factor in the fight.

Two Dwarven Defenders are wounded in the fight, and another suffers a massive critical hit and drops dead on the spot.  Duergar at the rear Enlarge and fill the breaches as their allies drop in the front line.  The Cleric is unwittingly assailed from behind as Genive returns to the intersection and hustles in several arrows.  The Spymaster‘s vision is aided by her allies’ torches and Light spells.

Their Dwarf allies impress the Heroes; the Duergar menace is eliminated quickly and efficiently.  The Dwarves ensure their kills and then strip the Duergar of weapons and useful items.  The Paladin motions the Heroes on; the Dwarves of Khör will move out from the Cistern Room, sweep the 5th underground level, set torches and secure the rear.

Up ahead is a set of iron security doors, blocked open.  Before the Heroes lies the way upstairs, to the 4th underground level.

The adventure ends here for the night.




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