“Moonwatch” – Sidebar – What comes next & why.

Here as the writer and DM, I must interject and explain why I chose to do next what I did.

In the long history of D&D and related RPG’s played at E.G.’s or G.W.’s houses over the years, there exists in our shared history a number of amusing stories which also serve as poignant reminders of the unpredictable dangers facing a DM’s story.

One such story involves a 2nd Ed D&D game run by G.W. (the same G.W. who plays the character “Dusty” in A.T.’s adventure).  This takes place probably in one of those endless high-school summers that now seems a distant memory…or during school hours when many of my friends would skip pep-rallies or related wastes of our time, and go “chuck dice and kill shit”.

G.W. was DM-ing an adventure for several of our friends, and the Party had come face-to-face with the main antagonist.  G.W. had gone to the trouble of writing up a long (I am told two-page) speech or monologue that G intended to read aloud to the Players.  This would set up the next three or four hours of adventuring.

A rather impulsive player, K.C., decided that speeches are annoying, and resolved that his Cavalier would immediately make a mounted charge against the antagonist with his Lance.  He did so.  K.C. rolled at 20 to hit.  Using the stacking critical damage system of 2nd Ed., this meant quintuple damage.  The antagonist was dead in spectacular fashion.  So too was G.W.’s adventure.  Much to his dismay.

Two decades later, this object lesson in story planning influenced my narrative choice at this point of the “Moonwatch” campaign.

As White Jade tells his story and does the “big reveal” to the Players, I made an awkward but necessary dramatic leap.  I said that White Jade tells the story, Genive and Lester come to realizations, and then White Jade attacks and a fight starts.

The next two blog posts will tell the story of this “Boss fight” between White Jade and Lester, Jaques, and Genive.  These events happened right after what is described in the 14th Adventure Night Day 8 (Part 5 of 5) blog post.

Then the post after that will have the surviving character(s) reflecting on what White Jade told them before the fight started.  This is where the Players learn what their Characters know.

The post after that one, will be the final scene of the “Moonwatch” adventure as this information comes home to the Character(s) that is left standing.

I had soooo very much of the story told, and nearly exactly as I’d wanted it to come out.  My faithful readers (and Players !!) will excuse me for invoking the DM’s prerogative to twist perceptions around so that I could ensure that the plot-revealing antagonist didn’t get himself pØwn’d halfway through his speech.

Lightning sometimes strikes twice.




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