“Moonwatch” – The Big Boss Fight (Part 1 of 2).

White Jade’s story concludes.  Lester, Jaques, and Genive reel at the magnitude of the truth before them.  Were there time to react, the Heroes might have.

Instead, White Jade assumes his true appearance – a simple Monk in simple robes.  He states that he hopes this fight will be a worthy one to Erythnul and that his experience from this slaughter may promote him to a higher order of life-form.  Then, seemingly to no-one in particular, he says aloud, “Clayton, rise.  Kill all the humans and dwarfs in this fortress.”  And then White Jade attacks.

There is a flash of light, and the Monk turns into a bolt of pure lightning.  Empowered by Stormstrider Boots, White Jade surges through Genive and the two Fiendish Badgers; appears before Jaques and strikes him; then becomes lightning again, passing through Lester as the Monk Spring Attacks back out of melee to re-appear before the door to the downstairs.  As he passes near the Heroes, the Party members are aware that White Jade is the focus of a mobile circle of Unhallow.

Jaques is hit by White Jade’s single physical attack, which did not deal damage for some reason but instead required a Fort save.  The Acid Wizard failed this.  A curious tremor passes through Jaques’s very soul and then dissipates; he has been afflicted with the dreaded Quivering Palm strike.  At any time as a Free Action in the next 19 days, White Jade can simply will the Acid Wizard to die.

The other Party members and Summons must make a Reflex save against the 9d6 electrical damage from White Jade’s shocking Spring Attack.  And if this weren’t bad enough, one of the objects in the room that was covered with canvas begins to move.  As the canvas falls off it, the Heroes can see that the object is “Clayton” – a Clay Golem, Large-sized, fashioned in the image of a Dwarf and covered in Dwarven runes, awakened by White Jade’s command.  It very much looks like a creation of the Dwarven peoples of Khör.

With a rueful chuckle at their circumstances, Lester suspects that this lumbering Construct will not attack him because it, almost alone of everyone Lester has encountered in the last eight days, knows that he is a Halfling and not a Dwarf.  This does not mean that Lester expects to survive this horribly lopsided fight.

The Halfling casts Heroism on himself, and then Protection from Evil.  Genive moves quickly off to the side of the room, firing Explosive arrows at the Golem.  Jaques, as with Lester, succeeded in a Knowledge or Spellcraft check to determine what weaknesses and attributes a Clay Golem might have.

It is not good news.  A Clay Golem is immune to any spell that has Spell Resistance.  It can Haste itself once per day, for three rounds.  Much to Jaques’ dismay, any Acid damage dealt to a Clay Golem heals back 1/3 of the damage dealt, even above and beyond the Golem’s maximum hit points.  A Move Earth, targeted Earthquake, or Disintegrate spell cast on the Golem will Slow it for up to half a minute and deal damage.  Any damage dealt by the Golem is almost permanent.  Every round of combat there is a cumulative 1% chance that the Golem’s elemental spirit will break free and the construct will go berserk.  And if that wasn’t enough, the Clay Golem also has a Damage Resistance (DR) of 10, overcome by a bludgeoning adamantine weapon.  Such as an adamantine Heavy Flail.

Jaques casts Mirror Image on himself.  He now has seven duplicates, and fortunately the Golem is actually fooled by the illusions.  Jaques also casts Disintegrate on the Clay Golem, an easy hit against a walking wall.  The Golem is Slowed for three rounds, and takes eight points of damage, bypassing DR.

For his part in this fight, which lasts the longest and possibly last 12 rounds of the Heroes’ lives, White Jade remains largely aloof.  Standing by the door down to the lower levels of the Tower, each round on his action White Jade asks Jaques for a number between 1 and 10.  Jaques gives one, and White Jade compares this to the DM’s d10 roll.  When they do not match, the monk placidly shrugs and says, “Not this time.”

When he does choose to attack, White Jade makes maddening Spring Attacks against Genive, covering a huge distance when he moves.  One time, the monk strikes the Spymaster with a Rattlesnake Strike, dealing 3 points of CON damage, and the same again to come a minute later.  Another time it is a normal Magic Lawful Adamantine unarmed strike.  On another whimsical foray, White Jade Stuns Genive with a Pain Touch, leaving her Nauseated and disabled in the following round.

Lester Summons all he has left.  Two Celestial Griffins answer his call.  They dive-bomb the Clay Golem from the heights of the 30-foot ceiling of this room.  Two Fiendish Dire Wolves appear and attack the Construct, attempting and failing to Trip it.

The Heroes have tacitly agreed to attack the Golem almost exclusively.  Magic attacks against White Jade have been complete failures, though Jaques seemed to think that damage was being recorded against the Monk when in fact, the Monk’s full hit-point total was being written down each time “damage” was “dealt”.  The Monk’s Spell Resistance is simply far too high.

And besides, the Monk seems delighted to watch from the wings, occasionally attacking Genive as it pleases him, toying with Jaques on each of his actions.

Lester literally has his back to the wall.  His Summons chip away at the Clay Golem.  Their high-damage attacks are at least overcoming the magnitude, if not the nature, of its DR.  Genive is doing her best.  Jaques has climbed up onto the window ledge and contemplates a Feather Fall jump to safety.

He decides against it, as White Jade mockingly admonishes him to stay and enjoy the game, which has not yet turned up Jaques’ number.  It is implied that if Jaques leaves, White Jade will close the Quivering Palm and Acid Wizard will die.

So relaxed is the master Monk that he has pulled forth an apple from his robes, and is enjoying it as the battle rages on.

Jaques casts a five-foot-high Wall of Stone in front of his window-ledge perch, hoping to hold back the Clay Golem.  The Construct, now free of the temporary Slow effect, lurches in among Jaques’s Mirror Images and destroys one each round, trying to strike the real Wizard.




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