“Moonwatch” – The Big Boss Fight (Part 2 of 2).

The fight seems doomed to failure.  The Heroes are out of spell options, and only the Dire Wolves and Griffins are dealing significant damage to the Golem.  The explosive effect of Genive’s arrows has some hand in helping, as do the Magic Missiles from her wand, but the Spymaster is beset by the Monk so often that she is not a reliable source of offense.  And there is nothing that will come even close to harming the Monk, who is likely biding his time until he inevitably decides to take a few seconds and kill all of the Heroes.

White Jade takes a step in this direction when Jaques finally says a number that comes up on the aptly-named die roll.  With a look, White Jade wills Jaques to die.  Jaques insists that he make a Fort save to resist the effect, despite already having done so and failed when struck initially by the Quivering Palm.  For as much as he presses his case, the issue is moot when his second, superfluous Fort save also fails, this time by a single point.

Jaques the Acid Wizard falls dead on the window ledge.

Things go from worse to even worse when, in the 11th round of the fight, the elemental spirit of the Clay Golem does manage to break free, and the Construct turns into a berserk killing machine.  Jaques’s Mirror Images are gone.  Lester is neither Human nor Dwarf, though the rampaging Golem might not follow the instructions given it by White Jade any more.  Genive is dangerously close to the Construct.  For the sake of their Dwarf allies in the fortress below, Genive and Lester must at least destroy the Golem while they still live.  What happens after between they and White Jade can wait.

Chipped, fractured, cracked, the Golem attacks anything within reach, ever so close to coming apart.  Genive loads an Explosive arrow, takes aim, and lets fly.  The arrow strikes squarely in the Golem’s chest.  The Golem looks down at it, and the impossible happens – the Construct’s hardened clay face, blank of expression, frowns.  The arrow explodes.  The Clay Golem shatters into a million little pieces, showering down on the Tower floor and tumbling in all directions.

The Heroes turn their weary attention to the Monk assassin, ready to make against him a last stand worthy of song and history and legend.  He is all that remains.  He is the Big Bad, the End Boss, and this fight is their last.

White Jade regards the shattered Golem, and sighs indifferently.  Addressing Lester and Genive, again as maddeningly calm and indifferent as only a Monk can be, White Jade expresses his disappointment.  He had been told that these Heroes were a challenge worthy of his time, a challenge that, when overcome in combat, would assure White Jade the experience he needs to ascend to the state of Outsider.

Sadly, he admits, the Heroes have come up well short.  Killing the Spymaster and the Halfling would be too easy and a real waste of the Monk assassin’s time.  Instead, White Jade bids the surviving Heroes farewell.  He has told them everything; he sees what choice lies ahead of them; thus White Jade knows that they are defeated even without being slain.

So the master Monk offers a polite bow, opens a Dimensional Door, and slips away into folklore.




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2 Responses to “Moonwatch” – The Big Boss Fight (Part 2 of 2).

  1. vobeskhan says:

    I like how the big bad didn’t just wipe them out, knowing he didn’t need to. This also gives the survivors a reason for revenge (and further adventures hunting the monk assassin). Well done.

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