End Credits for “Moonwatch”.

In the end, a game is really only as good as its players.  The story will create a setting and arrange the scenery; the DM will narrate and umpire and try to wield his omnipotent godhood with a measure of restraint.  But it’s the players who really make the magic happen, who create unique characters and imbue them with will and determination and personality (some vicarious, some self-reflective).

Most importantly, they agree to play and to help make a DM’s game actually work.

My thanks and deepest appreciation to my friends, who made it out pretty much every night or who came by when they could, and sat down with eagerness and open minds.  They helped me along, overlooked my stumblings out of the gate, and were often polite enough not to call out the card in the sleeve or the false bottom in the magician’s top-hat when they saw it coming from a mile away.

Thanks also to our generous host E.G. – and his long-suffering parents who permit their billiards-room to run rowdy with almost a dozen nerdy louts ‘til the late-late hours of Friday nights.  For at least 25 years E’s house has been the home-base for all things RPG, and the Table has been a place of legend.

And my appreciation for A.T. having set aside his game perhaps much longer than expected.  More than a few times I said “Yeah, I figure two more solid game nights and the adventure’s probably done,” only to go six or seven more adventures.  I think I started off buying you time to work on other things, then ended up borrowing a lot of time from you.  Thanks man.

To those that follow this blog, thank you.  A.T.‘s game will resume soon, and so will Dr. Grant’s journal recording his adventure.  And I will have two non-fiction series of blog posts coming, related to D&D and RPG’s.  More about that another time.

Moonwatch” was a dream come true for me; I got to run a Dungeons & Dragons game for my friends, enjoy their company, and write what I hope was a compelling story and see that story through to the ending I’d hoped it could have.  This was a lot of fun.

– K.R.




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