“Moonwatch” – The Final Scene.

Here is the final scene :

Deep below, Kartug Igmutin waits at the Dwarf base camp in the 4th Underground level, afflicted with his Greater Curse and depressed that he cannot be an effective ally to his friends.  We may assume that “Champion” Godfrey Kent and Gurth Spine-Breaker wait with him, all unaware of the drama that has unfolded far above.

On their way down to rendezvous at the Dwarf camp, the Dread Pirate Wobberts, Faldorn, and Arxius Cole voice their hopes for the best in whatever fights their allies face up on the 1st Underground level.

In the 6th floor of the Moonwatch Tower, the Observation level, Jaques is dead.  Genive, still suffering the effects of her own Greater Curse, understands their situation all too well.  Lester is floored.  The Clay Golem is destroyed, and Lester’s Summons wait patiently for direction.  White Jade is gone.

Before Lester and Genive is this choice, this decision to make.  These two surviving Heroes alone know the whole story.  They must react based on their personality, their tactical outlook on the situation, and ultimately their own moral compass and alignment.

Time yet remains for them to stop what is about to happen, even though the odds seem insurmountable.  Genive and Lester can stop the advancing army. They can prevent the slaughter of Captain Ironhaul’s forces, and stop a horrible, deceptive war by Corinthia against Khör.  And they can expose and prove the deception and machinations of the Lord of Commerce.

If they do, White Jade assured the Heroes that they would earn the full reward for saving Moonwatch according to their contract.  However, the Monk promises that the many agents of Sir Ashburne’s shadowy conspiracy would ensure the assassination of all of the Heroes unless they immediately and permanently fled Corinthia.  They would never collect a thin coin of the reward money.  And their lives would remain threatened wherever the Heroes might settle.  In Meridian, Drake’s Dragoons, the Heroes’ reason for taking this mission, would be blacklisted and all its members exterminated.

Or…the Spymaster and Halfling can do nothing.

They can locate their Party members, flee Moonwatch before the army arrives, and let the Lord of Commerce’s plan come to fruition as designed.  The military will find what lies and deception it is meant to find; Khör will be invaded and occupied.  Thousands of Humans and countless Dwarfs, including Ironhaul and his men, will die.

The Heroes will collect the reduced contractual payout for an unsuccessful attempt at saving Moonwatch; Drake’s Dragoons will barely survive; and the Heroes will live as long as they keep the secret.  So long as they can live with the moral implications of complicity.

Far away in the morning haze, the drums of war beat louder and louder; now imperceptible, soon unavoidable.  For Lester and Genive, the choice is theirs alone.

Act righteously, at the cost of their safety.  Or stand aside, and profit at the cost of their soul.

Genive looks at Lester.  The Halfling looks back at the Spymaster.  Both open their mouths to speak.


The adventure ends here.




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