Two New Series of Posts.

Hallo faithful reader.

In addition to the continuing tales of Dr. Marcus Grant’s adventures in A.T.’s D&D game, I will be presenting two ongoing series of posts in the months to come.

One will be CaSE (Campaign and Story Elements).  This series will discuss ideas and suggestions for gamers who might be considering running their own RPG game; and a place for insights on topics such as :

  • What’s a good balance between dice-chucking combat and thoughtful role-playing ?
  • Will your game be plot-based or episodic ?
  • Alignment and attributes … How major an effect will these have on your game ?
  • What are the Characters up against, and what is their world like ?

The focus will be D&D v.3.5 but I hope to make the narrative general enough that the concepts could be applied to 4th Edition, 2nd Edition, or even non-D&D Role-Playing Games like HEROES UNLIMITED, RIFTS, TMNT, PALLADIUM, or others.

Regardless of your age or familiarity with your chosen gaming system, I hope that the CaSE series will get you thinking about elements your game might need to run successfully.

The other series will be the DM’s Chair.  In these posts, I want to investigate some personal skills and attributes that I believe a new (or veteran) Dungeon Master might focus on and develop to run a successful game.  These include :

  • Quick thinking and improv skills.
  • Creating entertainment value.
  • Minimizing distractions and “herding the cats”.
  • Leadership skills and the DM as the group-leader.

The posts on the DM’s Chair topic series will reflect my own findings as the DM of “Moonwatch”; successes I have seen from other DM’s; and even some Supervisory Skills theory as it can be applied.  I certainly invite discussion, disagreement, dissent, and alternate points of view.

In all posts to come, certainly read in the fine print my own humble caveat that I am not an expert in this subject.  I ran 14 adventure nights, which (despite having Internet access, a blog, and opinions) does not make me any kind of wizard or savant.  If my sight senses the curve in the horizon it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.  Friends of mine ran D&D campaigns for longer than five years, every Sunday afternoon or evening, with plots stretching back so far that even the DM hardly remembered subplots or NPC’s from years past.

And no doubt many of you, patient blog follower, have run complex games with numerous players for better than half my lifetime; or you have imaginations and ideas that could mop the floor with the best of mine.  Suffer me then to sound like an instructor, though I wish more to be the moderator of these discussions.  RPG’s are a lot of fun, a great use of time, and they bring friends together or make new ones.  Let’s pool our intellectual resources and make our game nights all that much better.




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