Day Thirty (2 of 2)

Fortune favours us.  Our day may have started off poorly, but it did not get worse.

At first light most of our group was still awake.  It felt as if the night was seven months long.  When dawn came, our spirits were boosted by the sunlight.  It may be that the Displacer Beast itself displaced any other harmful creatures in our vicinity, as we neither heard nor saw any sign of trouble after we dispatched it.

With my spells and those of Pulp and Alex ruined by the mid-night adventuring, there was no heart in the group to continue scouting for Hobgoblins.  I spent a few hours after the fight, sleepless, writing up the last of my telling of the journey aboard the Heather.

We broke camp and set back to Yissic’s village.  This trek not about stealth and searching.  It was a hurried march back to safety.  An outsider may not see it but our group is disorganized, absentminded, distracted.  I think we need to regroup and rethink our plans here.

I wonder if some of our fumbling comes from lack of a distinct leader.  Almost a month we have been together as a party and yet none of my fellows has risen to the head of our group.  I will have to observe more and see if anyone stands out as a choice worth nominating.

It was much quicker hiking back to the village today than it was heading out yesterday.  Returning to the village we found Yissic absent.  He and some lizardmen warriors, we are told, have set out on their own scouting mission.  Gord, who is feeling much better, saw him off.  Would that I might have the Constitution of a Dwarf !  His recovery is just short of miraculously quick; I was ill for two days, even under my own expert care.  Perhaps Gord had procured some sort of potion or Limited Wish scroll that helped him along.

I don’t have an Endure Elements spell on me today so I am sweaty and lethargic.  We have no plans for tonight except to wait here in the village and swat insects.  I will stay grimy until we get back to Callia, I am sure.  Tomorrow’s spell will solve the problem of the heat, but it is too late for me for staying clean.  My clothes need a wash and I smell like mud and sweat.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
30th Day, marsh village, territory of Ælim.



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