Day Thirty-Two

Overnight in the wilderness again.  This seems a redundant statement.  The only real difference between Yissic’s village and the open grassy marsh that is our camp-site, is a dozen poorly cut wood planks as floors and walls.

This morning was the usual slow grind of progress to gather equipment and provisions, ally ourselves with a lizardman scout, and strike out on patrol.  In fact it was early afternoon before we put Yissic’s woefully inadequate village behind us.

Alex and I believe it best that our group search the wild and develop a sense of where the hobgoblins are, and where they are not.  What little information gleaned from the late hobgoblin prisoner that I am willing to trust tells us that his band is from those mountains on the horizon.

If the hobgoblins are not planning a permanent presence here, it stands to reason that they would soon have their bearings and make for those distant hills.  Gavin’s orders and the safety of Yissic’s village demand that we track down and eliminate all of the hobgoblins so they may never return in force.

Our planned destination is a lizardfolk village about two days from Yissic’s base.  The residents there may have seen the hobgoblins or experienced a raid, giving us some idea of where and how far away these evil creatures have recently roamed.

I do not wish to speak of it openly in this journal, in case members of my party ever read these entries, but I remain deeply concerned about the hobgoblin’s torture and death yesterday.  Alex and Isis were the ones involved, but between them I have no evidence to suggest one’s preeminence over the other as the lead in the disturbing sequence of events.

As we travel, I will observe and report my impressions of both men.  Alex I have known the longest, and have seen him behave strangely at times.  He is neither forthcoming with his thoughts nor especially keen to explain himself.  Isis, on the other hand, is quite new to our group, and what I have seen so far has done little to endear him to the more refined nature of our troop.

Am I to distrust one, or both, or neither ?

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
32nd Day, grassy marsh camp, territory of Ælim.




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