Day Thirty-Seven

We’re close.  We’re getting very close.

Watches are extra cautious tonight.  This afternoon we reached the lizardfolk village.  Could waste ink on describing it but won’t.  Imagine piles of reeds that lizard-people sleep and cook in.  There it is.

Lizardfolk had seen evidence of hobgoblins in their vicinity, and have guardsmen posted.  No sooner had we satisfied our questions of the village elder, than our ever-eager scout Dax was marshalling us out and on the hunt in the direction he estimated the hobgoblins to be headed.

Made good ground today.  Firm footing, no mud seen for a day at least.  Ground has a slight rise to it; looking behind us I can see a fair distance across the grasslands into the marshes.  Flat and green-brown off into the hazy heat.  Ahead of us, always the possibility of ambush.

Came upon an abandoned camp before dinner.  Hobgoblins had stayed here, maybe two days ago.  Dax stopped us shortly after.  He hadn’t stocked up for a long journey.  As we set up camp he dashed all the way back to the last village, returning after dark with what provisions he’d need for an extended mission.

Still nothing new to write regarding the two people of interest in our group.  They are keeping on as they had before.  Pulp and BOB are eager for a fight with the hobgoblins.  I think they would march through the night if it meant gaining even a few hours on our target.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
37th Day, grasslands, territory of Ælim.




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