Day Thirty-Eight

Excitement abounds !  We’ve found another hobgoblin camp, and this one was broken down just yesterday.

They have been hunting.  There is animal blood and butchered remains in the bushes; Alex took a look, said nothing specific.  The hobgoblins may have been in this camp for more than a day.  It is a good, sheltered spot.  In a broad, shallow ravine, trees for shelter and firewood.  We have not camped in that site tonight, but chose a similar spot up the ravine.

If for no other reason I am enthusiastic about finding the hobgoblins and dispatching them so we might end this mission.  Roughing it in the wild is not so hideous once one accepts that he is to remain filthy-dirty for the duration.  And to my surprise, I have learned that beyond a certain level of grime and sweat, I cannot actually get worse-looking or -smelling.  Many of my companions have, but I think I may have reached my aesthetic nadir.  Not that I wish to remain in this state, but I have a level of acceptance about it all.

A barber, perhaps.  Maybe I should take on a Professional calling on the side as a Barber ?  That would be a natural fit for my skills and my keen sense for grooming and style.

I should sleep.  We may see combat tomorrow and I am the only chance this party has of surviving should there indeed be a fight.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
38th Day, grasslands, territory of Ælim.




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