Day Thirty-Nine

We were looking for action, and we found it.

This morning we broke camp and set off following the tracks of the hobgoblin group.  Dax was having no difficulty keeping the trail.  He stayed closer to our group than before.

Late in the day Dax found something interesting.  Some hobgoblins from the main group had broken off in a different direction.

We suspected either a scouting party or patrol.  BOB, Alex, Dax and I decided to follow these tracks and see where they led.  The rest of the group would have no trouble following the main group for the day.  Alex has his raven to send out to find the rest of our party so we can reunite tomorrow.

We followed the new set of tracks for about an hour.  Then we found fresh remains.  It looked like it was a wild goat; the hobgoblin offshoot must be a hunting party.

At dusk we considered setting up camp.  That was when Dax literally got wind of campfire smoke, not far from us.  He went ahead, returned, said he had spotted their camp.  They were settled in a small grove of trees.

We advanced carefully, quietly.  In the fading light we could not see more than a flicker of firelight in the trees, and vague shadows moving against the light.

Our numbers were not strong, so we employed strategy.  Dax went out and around near their camp, luring one of the hobgoblins back toward us.  Alex and BOB waited in the growing dusk, hidden, and jumped the hobgoblin as it drew close.  I remained at the rear, ready to heal when my skills were needed.

The other hobgoblins of the hunting party, roused by the disappearance of their watchman, stormed into the twilight and sought us out.  Fortunately we still had the advantage of surprise.  BOB and Dax, with help from Alex’s Summons of a medium-sized Fiendish Centipede, and a small Scorpion, engaged and downed the hobgoblins as they found us.

My healing was essential in the fight; I kept Dax alive and fixed the damage BOB took.  My associates killed four hobgoblins.

We checked their camp but found no others.  Darkness became complete.  We set up our own camp away from the hobgoblins’ site.  Early tomorrow we will contact the rest of our group.

Unfortunately now, as I write this, I have three spells left for the day.  I hope no enemies happen upon us tonight.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
39th Day, grasslands, territory of Ælim.




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