Day Forty

Well today certainly was an interesting one.

We have two new party members !  One is a woman, a few years younger than I am; a Sorceress named Adiana Sombremagique.  The other is an Elf Barbarian.  I admit, I did not catch his name.  He said it but I was distracted.

Both are members of our Guild.  Knowing that makes meeting a pair of strangers and their scout in dangerous wilderness so much less unsettling.

Adiana and the Barbarian have been hunting the same group of hobgoblins as us.  The two adventurers are accompanied by a quiet, and I might say not particularly adept, lizardman scout.  I heard his name as “Dyood”.  I will need to confirm the spelling.

The newcomers encountered Pulp, Isis, and Gord yesterday.  I guess Gavin had informed them we were out in this wilderness, and by stroke of luck (or Yissic’s help) they found us.

On our travel today I have little to note.  We are following hobgoblin tracks, eastward toward the mountains that slowly grow up from the horizon.  We set our current camp before nightfall, encountering nothing.  The day was warm.

Adiana, the Sorceress.  This one may well cause us trouble.  She is very attractive.  She carries herself with a high, not quite haughty air, full of confidence and mystery.  She’s quiet, but seemingly a calculated quiet; not a nothing-to-say quiet.

Already her presence in the group has caused a stir among the humans.  And Isis.  And Gord.  The lizardfolk seem indifferent but I can tell that Pulp was flummoxed by some of Adiana’s suggestive comments.  The group dynamic is suddenly, imperceptibly different.  A bit more tense, perhaps.  This Adiana is a flirt; and she smells really really nice.  Blessed were the moments today when the wind came past her to my nose, and not past my fellows first.  They stink.

Best of all – how did I not lead tonight’s entry with this ?  Adiana’s Familiar is a cat, named Sympa.  Much to my delight, Sympa took a liking to the look of Alex’s obnoxious raven familiar, Billy.  It may be that Billy now despises Adiana’s cat more than that disagreeable crow dislikes me.  I have had a wonderful time watching Alex’s pet squawk and bristle any time Adiana’s pet stares at the bird or starts to slink its way.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
40th Day, grasslands, territory of Ælim.




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