Day Forty-One

Nervous tension today.  Everyone afflicted with it.  If it’s not the certain knowledge that we are getting close to catching our quarry, it is the allure coming off Adiana the Sorceress in waves.

Delightful waves of soap scent, I would add.  Adiana owns a bar of soap !  I remain enchanted by the smell of it, the very sight of a bar of soap, and especially just knowing that another member of our Party besides me cares a dire-rat’s ass about cleanliness.  It behooves me to remain professional around her.  I see Pulp and BOB in constant struggle with this.

More open plains, no furtive figures yet seen on the horizon, fleeing our relentless pursuit.  Dax assures us we are drawing ever closer.  The fanciful, ethereal signs he reads in the grasses and dirt tell a story too encouraging to be fully trusted.  His kinsman is not as effective a scout.  Found out the correct spelling of his name – Düd.  Pronounced as I indicated yesterday.

The weather has cooled some, grown overcast but not in a way to suggest rain.  I might not even cast Endure Elements tomorrow.

Our Barbarian companion.  Can’t neglect mention of him.  “Ayreskin Bearheart” is his full name.  Curious specimen. I knew elves in Silabrek.  They were generally a refined, quiet, reserved people.  With their moments of revelry and mischief.  But not the sort of people I could have imagined as wildmen.  I have heard more than a few tales of Barbarians, and their loutish, crude, bawdy ways.  To find an Elf who is a Barbarian was at all times today nothing less than fascinating.

Ayreskin fits well with our group; he is quick to joke and laugh but does not do so with mean intent.  Nor does he act the sort who might suddenly turn violent against us.  And he didn’t snore last night.  Somehow I expected he would, and loudly, obnoxiously so.  Muttering strange, violent things as he sleeps.  But he didn’t.  Also it is nice to know he cannot read what I write in my journal.

I should like to learn more of his and Adiana’s past exploits in the days to come.

As we chase shadows towards the mountains, I notice there is less idle chatter at camp, less lounging around the fire when not on watch.  Everyone is keyed up, on edge, very eager.  I know I want this mission done so we can turn around and head back to Callia as soon as we can.  I’m not sure what motivates the others.  I would guess the same but for a sense in conversation that a few of my fellows are simply spoiling for a fight.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
41st Day, grasslands, territory of Ælim.




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