Day Forty-Two (2 of 5)

An hour has passed since the last entry.  Sunrise is coming.  The sky already shows signs.

I have eaten a bit and drank some clean water.  Awake with me are Xel’Xaran and Pulp.  Both tend to the sleeping wounded.  Both are wounded themselves.  After this entry I will meditate, then I can heal them up.

I expect to have more spells today.  We have ascended a level of experience.  I do not yet gain higher level spells, but I have the sense that I have grown more Wise for my experiences so far.  Which seems doubtful; if I had more Wisdom, I would question both my association with such a reckless crew as this, and question why we continue to operate without clear, sensible leadership.

We set out yesterday morning (a year ago, it seems) at first light.  I remember before long we came upon three or four sets of hobgoblin tracks.  And they had dogs with them, from tracks Dax found.  This track pattern intersected the main group that our scouts were following.

At this point Dax, Düd, myself, Alex, Ayreskin, Adiana, Spiritz, Pulp continued along, following the main group.  Xel’Xaran, Isis, and BOB went to follow the intersecting tracks.

We should not have split up.

Half an hour later, maybe longer, Dax spotted something.  He waved us down into the cover of the grass.  We stayed like that a long time.  Pulp and Ayreskin crawled up to Dax, had words, and came back.

Ahead were two broad, low hills.  In the bushes in the cleft of the hills, Dax’s keen eyes had spotted something.  Someone.  It looked to be a hobgoblin, in poor concealment.

Spread out as we were, our group quietly communicated intents and then we advanced.  Our Barbarian and Pulp led the way.  I was told afterwards that the hobgoblin lookout was armed with a crossbow, some kind of lookout and sniper.

There was combat.  Details are hard to recall.  So much fighting and advancing and retreating happened yesterday that I might not sort out precisely how events played out.  We rushed the cleft and one hill, fought the one hobgoblin and found two others behind the low hillet.  Ayreskin was fierce, our spellcasters quick and deadly.  The hobgoblins were killed.

Right after that, we saw the rest of them.  Here was the start of more bad decisions on our part.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
42nd Day, makeshift camp, territory of Ælim.




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