Day Forty-Two (4 of 5)

My recollection is out of order.  The light of a new day has a calming effect on me, but still I struggle to fit events into the proper sequence.

Adiana was fighting a small scorpion.  It seemed to vex her greatly, though it was smaller than her cat and nowhere near as clever.  Alex’s bird, Billy, attacked a hobgoblin.  Alex cast a spell that drained life energy from everyone around him, including me.  BOB, Xel’Xaran, and Isis came charging in from some random direction.  Pulp was dying on the grass.  Everywhere there seemed to be a hobgoblin or that sinister Dwarf.

The Dwarf touched a hobgoblin and killed it instantly.  He seemed to gain health from it.  A Necromancer.  I remember now that he cast other Evil spells during the fight.

Ayreskin’s barbarian rage must have run out; apropos of nothing he toppled.  I stopped at Düd on my way to Pulp.  Düd was on the ground, unconscious.  Administered a Cure Minor Wounds to stop the lizardman’s bleeding. I don’t know much about martial combat, but I know Düd is not very good at it.

A hobgoblin came at me, swung its weapon, hit me on the arm.  I felt it but didn’t register pain, not yet at least.  It did hurt me.  I would heal myself later.  The bruise from that hit remains even now.

I could not risk Pulp’s life by withdrawing carefully from the hobgoblin adversary.  I turned and sprinted for Pulp’s lifeless body.  The hobgoblin took the opportunity and hit me again.  I stumbled but didn’t lose my stride.

I made it to Pulp in what was literally the last seconds before he died of his injuries.  Healed him and kept him from death.  Looked around, saw BOB and Xel’Xaran cutting deep into the hobgoblin lines.  When motivated, they fight well.  Saw that Dax was down.  Remember Isis casting some sort of colorful spray of light against a hobgoblin.

About now I got a sense of how badly hurt I was.  Pain seemed to grow like a fever.  I drank one of my Cure Light Wounds potions, felt a bit guilty for doing so but at the same time I remember not wanting to test the benefits of my Renewal domain.

More work to do, better conditions under which to operate.  Only one hobgoblin remained at this point, plus that mysterious Dwarf in league with hobgoblins.  The Dwarf wore metal armor.  That just came to me.

I went to Dax, administered a strong spell, recovered him.  Noticed how hard and fast I was breathing.  Saw my own blood on me, as if for the first time.  Saw a lot of blood on my companions.  The ground was littered with chunks of hobgoblin armor, with their weapons, their corpses.  That had been a nice spot of Nature before we came along and ruined it.

The Dwarf cast the Darkness spell, and with its cover he withdrew and left his last hobgoblin ally exposed, to be killed.  The dome of darkness moved away from us, its Cleric in retreat.

Our battle seemingly won and finished, I remember being furious at sight of Pulp and Isis engaging BOB to pursue the retreating Dwarf.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
42nd Day, makeshift camp, territory of Ælim.




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