Day Forty-Three (3 of 5)

As soon as the Dwarves were neutralized, I started to get the feeling that we might have really, really screwed up.

Six Dwarves lay scattered.  One, the Cleric, was definitely unconscious.  I quickly checked the other five :  three were dead, two were comatose and bleeding.  I used Cure Minor Wounds to stabilize both, but kept them unconscious.  I had in mind that situation between Alex and Isis and the prisoner hobgoblin at Yissic’s village; “out cold” seemed the safest state for these Dwarves.

Isis, thankfully, withdrew from the group.  I don’t know why but he hustled off to be somewhere else.  I wouldn’t have to worry about what he might do to our prisoners to get information.  Ayreskin and Adiana followed after him, perhaps to enlist him in a security patrol of our immediate area.  Xel’Xaran set himself apart and established a sentry watch over the fields.  Close to us, Dax and Düd just watched.

And if there weren’t enough surprise and drama already, chasing down what we thought were hobgoblins and instead killing Dwarves, we were amazed to look and see none other than Lunk trekking across the field toward us !  How he found us or where he’d been, I have not yet asked.  Dusty was not with him.

The Dwarf Cleric was still unconscious.  I warned that he might not stay that way.  Each of us searched our possessions.  We discovered that no one was carrying rope.  In fact, Pulp had no idea at all what items he was carrying on his person.  Odd, considering we’re in the middle of the wilderness and the sensible thing to do would have been to load up on survival gear before leaving town.

Fashioning bindings out of rags, BOB tied up the Dwarf Cleric.  Alex stepped in and quickly confiscated the Cleric’s holy symbol.  This Dwarf was a cleric of Nerull.  I don’t think that shocked anyone.

What was surprising, yet did not give anyone pause, was that these were Dwarves fleeing a hobgoblin camp.  I think we really screwed up –  these may well have been innocent Dwarves captured by the hobgoblins.  We had no business blindly stalking and killing them.

The Cleric seemed immobile and harmless enough, tied up and still knocked out.  The group asked me to heal him to wake him up.  I obliged – first secretly having readied a certain spell in case anyone made to hit or otherwise injure or harm our captive.

On being healed, the Dwarf woke up, looked around, and saw us standing over him.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
43rd Day, grasslands, territory of Ælim.



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