Day Forty-Eight

Excellent strategy.  Linger in a lizardfolk camp for two days while the weather is decent.  Then leave the morning the rain starts, and hike into a marsh that stretches a thousand miles in every direction.

The rain is light but it is still wet.  It is that kind of rain that might best be called “aggressive fog” because it does not fall from the sky so much as it seems to wait above the ground and assail the traveler from a low, defensive crouch.

We left Dax behind at his village.  Düd accompanied us for half the day, and then parted at the path back to his home.  He offered to escort us all the way back to Yissic’s village.  We were polite and declined his help.  Quietly, most of the party is happy to be rid of him.  I do not share their persistent annoyance of him, but I can see how his lackluster nature might prove grating to others.

It is considerable faith to put in Xel’Xaran and Ayreskin to navigate us back to Yissic’s in lousy weather and depressing terrain.  We are back in the marshes.  They are not so vast as I make them out to be.  Until you spend a day slogging through them in the rain.  I don’t know where we are headed but between the scout and the barbarian, we have not had to double back more than half a dozen times.

Under grey skies and wet air the marshes take on a brooding atmosphere.  Ground that was dry, grasses and weeds that were parched, all seem to waken with the rain.  They remember their place after a long sleep, gather inanimate will and treacherously aim to provide a place not fit for people to pass.

Good fortune placed enough associates on my side this morning to demand that the party fall in line and get on our way back to Yissic.  More supported the idea today than yesterday, and the majority ruled.  Unfortunately, this party seems to operate by the concept of majority rule.

While not an objectionable way to run a town council or administrative committee, I don’t think that a party of adventurers sees its best interests served and its efficient and effective conduct governed properly by a vocal minority and a passive majority.  Or the other way around, depending on the wind and the moon and other such commanders of whim.

I would prefer if we had a leader.  Someone sensible, wise, concerned with the needs of others, possessed of good ideas but open to suggestions.  Most of all, someone who isn’t me.  I don’t think ‘team leader’ is my place as the group’s doctor.  Nor is it a role I am personally fit to fill.  I don’t enjoy confrontation, or telling people what to do.  Especially when they won’t listen to reason.

But I don’t know how, short of hiring a leader or taking on a new associate,  this leadership question might be resolved.  Many of our group cannot lead; others should not.  Those that could, won’t.  If I can bring this up to Gavin without planting any seeds of doubt in our capability as a team, I will.  I may have to.  I just need a diplomatic way to express it.

The night is chilly and the night watch will not be pleasant, in this pestering drizzle.  Not enough rain falls to swell the low ditches of water and shrunken ponds to flood our camp or our route back to Yissic’s village, but I worry nonetheless.  I’m wet enough as it is, and I’d rather not have to swim.

Journal of Dr. Marcus Grant
Healing Cleric of Pelor, Order of St-Jude Academy (Silabrek)
48th Day, marshes, territory of Ælim.



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