Sidebar – game options.

An update on the RPG situation as it relates to d20horizons…

  • A.T.’s campaign, which has been related through Dr. Grant’s journal entries, is experiencing delays due to work- and personal-commitments of its D-M.  A.T. is writing and planning for the continuation of his campaign, as time permits.
  • T.F. had started a very well-written, well-executed, well-received 4th Edition D&D game on nights when A.T. has been unavailable.  However, due to out-of-town travel for work, and family commitments (and the infuriating theft of his laptop and all his campaign planning therein), T.F. has been forced to set aside his 4th Ed game indefinitely.
  • E.G. has found he cannot stay long from running a campaign, and has announced he will be running a D&D v.3.5 game (details yet to follow) to start possibly as early as May 2013.  This game will run only when A.T.’s campaign is not to be in session during our regular Friday night game slot.
  • C.H. has started a Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) RPG campaign, using the “20 Goblin Winter” story-line.  His game, too, will run only when A.T.’s campaign is not active in a given week; and may share Friday nights with E.G.’s upcoming game.  d20horizons will publish a summary of each L5R session’s events.
  • gods-bless his heart, but K.D. is still dragging his ass on getting his proposed RIFTS campaign out of any sort of pre-planning stage.  Nonetheless, hope is still held out.




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