New Campaign – L5R – “20 Goblin Winter”

C.H. has started a Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) Role-Playing Game campaign, on Friday nights at E.G.’s house when A.T.’s game will not be run.  He will Game-Master (GM) the “20 Goblin Winter” campaign module.  C.H. believes it will be a good introduction to the L5R system for players unfamiliar with the setting and game mechanics.  And it will provide a suitable lead-in to his own future campaigns.

The premise of the “20 Goblin Winter” is that the Crab Clan, one of many Great Clans in the empire of Rokugan, has announced a very rare opportunity – one that the players’ characters cannot pass up.

Tasked with the perpetual defense of Rokugan against the threats of the bordering Shadowlands, the Crab Clan is renowned for their toughness and combat prowess.  Seeking to add capable recruits to their ranks, the Crab Clan has offered membership in one of its Families to any man or woman (peasant, ronin, rogue, scholar) who braves the treacherous Shadowlands and returns with the heads of twenty slain goblins.  This will prove the recruit worthy to be admitted to a Crab Clan Family.  Those who pass this test will find their social status promoted out of the lowest castes of the Empire and into the lowest rung of upper-class society.

It is a fantastic opportunity, and one that has not been offered in living memory.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of potential recruits have taken up arms and travel to the Wall, the Crab Clan’s bulwark against the Shadowlands, to bet their very lives on the chance to improve their station and that of generations of their descendants.

Players in C.H.’s “20 Goblin Winter” campaign will begin as ronin…either banished from their own Families and Clans, or as True Ronin living on the fringes of society.  As GM, C.H. has interviewed each player in confidence, reviewing their character creation choices and Advantages and Disadvantages, and the characters’ motivations.  He has made suggestions and implied that additional Disadvantages may befall these characters over their lifetime in his campaign(s).

Except what has been inferred at the game Table or admitted in limited discussion, no player-characters (PC’s) have any information about the other PC’s that will be involved in C.H.’s campaign.

As L5R has no formal Alignment system, each character’s Advantages, Disadvantages, and personal histories constitute the most guarded and private aspects of each character.  One cannot assume that others met in-game are trustworthy, or without secrets or hidden agendas.

For players who are unable to attend a game night, C.H. has offered the choice for that character to either be absent in the night’s events and receive no Experience Points (XP)…or to be run as a Non-Player Character (NPC) by the GM for half the night’s XP reward.

C.H.’s ideas, level of involvement, and style as GM promise to make this L5R campaign a most interesting experience.  A summary of each week’s adventure will be published on d20horizons.




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