L5R – “20 Goblin Winter” – Interlude

The entire party has been killed, with the exception of T.F.’s character SHOSURO YAMA.  This is the first “party wipe” for our group, in any RPG, for at least 15 years.  None of the group faults B.P. for this outcome.  He was playing in-character and that, simply, is a player’s best defense.

Dario Mitidieri - gettyimages

Dario Mitidieri – gettyimages

After the short play session that resulted in this loss of the party, the GM explained some “behind the scenes” details that our late characters hadn’t picked up on in our adventures.

That same night he also decided that absent player T.F.’s character had also died along with the rest of the group.  This generated controversy, and the GM later reversed his decision.

Over the weekend, C.H. thought about Friday’s events (Part 4) and decided that he had overplayed his antagonists.  Revising the closing scene of the fatal encounter, C.H. announced that players could consider their character Unconscious instead of Dead, if they wanted.  Except for E.G.’s shugenja, who was definitely dead after exploding in a fiery nova.

The GM also published the following guidelines for new characters :

For our next game session, E.G. made a new character, as have B.P. and K.R.

M.H. was just joining the campaign and will capitalize on the 10 extra character points, as will A.T. if he joins the game.

T.F. and K.D. and T.D. and Q.D. were not at the game following the party wipe (Part 5, to be published on d20horizons next week).  Their decision, to keep their character or start a new one, is not yet known.




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