Cards (1 of 25) – “Bowling 400”

At some point during one of E.G.’s D&D v.3.5 campaigns, I got it in my head to create “trophy cards” for certain accomplishments.

There were a number of occurrences that seemed to warrant special notice.  Dice outcomes, character actions, player decisions…  So I got a pack of blank business cards, loaded the template in MS Word, and took a wander through the many options provided by Wingdings and Webdings.

Over time I put together a fair stack of different cards, and when one of these cards’ conditions were met, I’d throw that card over to the player who’d earned it.  Eventually it got to be a regular thing, with players rolling dice, seeing the outcome and declaring, “That’s a card !!!”  It had no bearing on what went on in-game.  It was just fun to get one, even if the reason why wasn’t so helpful to a character.

The first in this series of posts is this favorite :

1 of 25 Bowling 400

How did someone earn one ?  The name explains itself.  You rolled a natural 20 on an attack roll, then to confirm the crit you rolled another natural 20 … the statistical odds of that being 1:400.

How frequently were they awarded ?  As you can imagine, not too often.

Who earned this card most often ?  No one player stood out as a Hall Of Famer in this regard.  I think over time, pretty much every one of E.G.’s players managed to score one of these.




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One Response to Cards (1 of 25) – “Bowling 400”

  1. A.T. says:

    Only 1 of these 😦

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