Cards (2 of 25) – “Good BlackJack″

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How did someone earn one ?  First you had the misfortune to roll a natural 1 on an attack roll, so you know there’s a pretty good chance of a bad outcome to this Critical Miss.  But then, to ‘confirm’ the Critical Miss, you throw a natural 20 !  So all is square and your character’s not about to get hit by an attack of opportunity, or find himself flat on his back.

How frequently were they awarded ?  Infrequently, seeing as the odds of this specific dice outcome is the same as the ‘Bowling 400’.  Yet probably more often than the ‘Bowling 400’…

Who earned this card most often ?  Karma didn’t stay in balance for players like us, so those that deserved a break didn’t necessarily cash in.


The “Cards” series of posts recalls the special “trophy” business-cards awarded to players during E.G.’s original D&D v.3.5 game several years ago.  This is a weekly post.



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  1. A.T. says:

    And 1 of these

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