Cards (5 of 25) – “Keen to Fight″

This was a nice one to get :

How did someone earn one ?  Not hard to figure out.  The DM calls for an Initiative roll, and you get a “20”.  On the upside, you probably get to attack first in every round.  Down side, you just ‘used up’ a 20, and now your average roll for the encounter will be in the 5-9 range.  Because that’s how life works.

How frequently were they awarded ?  Not often; I don’t think many players uttered prayers to Crom for their Initiative rolls.

What’s best about this card ?  It has daggers on it.  I mean, there’s a Webding for daggers, man.  C’mon.  That’s just cool.


The “Cards” series of posts recalls the special “trophy” business-cards awarded to players during E.G.’s original D&D v.3.5 game several years ago.  This is a weekly post.



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2 Responses to Cards (5 of 25) – “Keen to Fight″

  1. A.T. says:

    I have 5(!) of these.

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