Cards (6 of 25) – “Caught Nappin’″

For every “good” card, there seems to be a downer :

How did someone earn one ?  You hoped for something better on your Initiative roll, but got the worst.  A natural 1.  Sucked to go last in the combat round if it saw you flat-footed for the first round, but there is something to be said for a reactive approach to combat.

How frequently were they awarded ?  I seem to be in possession of a lot of these.  I don’t want to indict my ‘classic’ old red dice, but my RPG experience improved when I bought my black dice.

What’s best about this card ?  It’s kind of a subtle trash-talk for its recipient.


The “Cards” series of posts recalls the special “trophy” business-cards awarded to players during E.G.’s original D&D v.3.5 game several years ago.  This is a weekly post.



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One Response to Cards (6 of 25) – “Caught Nappin’″

  1. A.T. says:

    I have 2 of these

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