Cards (7 of 25) – “Studying Pays Off″

Now we’re into a different theme.

How did someone earn one ?  This and the next three cards in the series relate to a special game mod E.G. used in his first v.3.5 campaign.  There, our DM required an INT check in order for a character to advance a level (the details are explained here).  At the end of the night’s adventure, upon receiving XP that put you over the mark for the next level (or if you’d failed the check last week), you could roll (again).  If you hit the DC number right on the nose, you earned this card.

How frequently were they awarded ?  Maybe twice.  Either you beat the INT check DC by a whole lot, or you were doomed to wait a week to gain a level.  Scoring the DC right-on was a rare feat.

What’s best about this card ?  It meant you passed the INT check and could level up your character !  A minimum pass was still a pass.


The “Cards” series of posts recalls the special “trophy” business-cards awarded to players during E.G.’s original D&D v.3.5 game several years ago.  This is a weekly post.



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