L5R – “20 Goblin Winter” – end notes.

C.H.’s “20-Goblin Winter” campaign is now ended.  Our DM managed to run it in twenty sessions, which is the kind of kismet you just can’t buy in stores.

As an introduction to the Legend of the Five Rings RPG system, C.H.’s adventure and his DM style were both interesting and engaging.  Despite the huge wealth of back story to the L5R universe, our DM kept the game accessible to those players who were unfamiliar with anything beyond the basic mechanics of the game; while offering intriguing tidbits and references to please those players well-versed in both the RPG and the card-game version.

By C.H.’s admission, this campaign is intended to be “Act One” in a larger story-arc that will see players re-visiting some of the plot threads woven into his “20-Goblin Winter” narrative.  Though our group is cycling back into a D&D phase of our RPG adventuring, it is likely that Omar, Kenshin, Tensi, Takeshi, Huni, and other characters old and new will be back some day to continue the adventures C.H. has in mind.

Until that day, then.




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