E.G.’s [D&D v.3.5] – Session 1

The main hall of North Point is crowded with townsfolk.  Word spreads quickly in a small settlement; many have come to hear fact separated from rumour, regarding the missing expedition.

Present at this meeting is a party of friends, children of the settlement who have grown to young adulthood together and yearn for adventure.  They are exceptionally gifted, mentally and physically, but languish in the shadows of obscurity, having had no opportunity to distinguish themselves.

They came early to the meeting hall and sit together, close to the front, hoping to catch the notice of the settlement’s leaders.  In this party are :

GOA FINNBJORN (played by T.R.), a friendly and helpful female Halfling Rogue.

ARMST (played by T.F.), a skittish human Warmage.

MAGNUS (played by C.H.), human Fighter and pleasant fellow.

ELROY WICK (played by K.R.), a human Bard ever eager for the limelight and to display his skills.

KULICH (played by M.H.), a quiet and thoughtful human Cleric.

YORGENSON UBERSON (played by K.D.), a stout and likeable human Druid.

and CORUN DUM’MAN (played by G.R.), a brainy human Wizard with a keen interest in gems.

At the head of the hall, the leaders of the settlement field questions from the floor and debate between themselves.  They are ROLOFSON (NPC), the local governor and imperial representative, and SAMUEL (NPC), the settlement chief.  Acting as advisers to these men are the local Wizard ALFRED (NPC), resident Sorceress ALEXANDRA (NPC), and Cleric of Pelor BORIS (NPC).

The town leadership hesitates to send more of the settlement’s militia away to investigate, yet cannot leave the disappearance unanswered.

Seeing an opportunity, the party volunteers itself to travel south and investigate.  Elroy Wick stands and delivers a compelling speech extolling their abilities (with a natural 20 rolled for Perform : Oratory for a total Skill Check of 31), swaying the leadership toward his thesis.  Goa Finnbjorn lends her voice to the discussion, supporting their cause.  The rest of the party watches, hopeful.

Chief Samuel and Governor Rolofson hear Wick’s stirring words, consider the idea, and confer quietly.  The party waits anxiously.  The townsfolk rabble amongst themselves, forming their own opinions.

(end of session)




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