E.G.’s [D&D v.3.5] – Session 2

Governor Rolofson and Chief Samuel, consulting briefly with Alfred, Alexandra, and Boris, have reached a decision.  While Samuel liked the idea of sending the party south to follow up on the disappearance of the warriors’ scouting group, Rolofson believes they are too inexperienced for this mission.  Instead, another band of town militia will take a boat and track down the missing men.

Chief Samuel does have an assignment for the young adventurers, however.  Some creature of an unknown type has been spotted lurking in the forests around Pine Cove.  Villagers report seeing it hiding in shadows and staying out of clear sight.  So far it has not harmed anyone or caused damage.  Samuel would have the party go to Pine Cove and find out what the creature is.

The town meeting draws to a close after some minor announcements.  Townsfolk file out of the main hall, some lingering to talk with neighbours and trade opinions.  The party leaves together, dejected.  They had hoped for a more important assignment.  But, this is at least a chance to show their skills.

Outside the hall, the party meets with two more of their friends; human Barbarian ØSKUR RØGNVALDURARSON (played by A.T.) and half-orc Barbarian GRUUNT (played by T.D.).  Uninterested in the civilized formalities of town hall meetings, these two had remained outside to take in the midday sun.

The party already carries all it needs.  There is no need for delay in leaving North Point.  The hike takes half a day at a reasonable pace, and by evening the adventurers make the palisade walls of Pine Cove.

Checking in with the local administrator, the party is given names of villagers with whom they may stay while visiting.  Food and information are the next interest.

The adventurers find a local tavern.  It is little more than a large room in someone’s house, where a makeshift bar and rough tables host five bored patrons and their drinks.  Elroy Wick chats up the owner (Profession : Entertainer = 13) and manages to secure dinner and drinks for his friends in exchange for a storytelling performance to liven up the patrons’ evening – though perhaps the tavern keeper would have offered refreshments anyway.

Wick’s storytelling (Perform : Oratory = 26) brings the tavern dwellers a couple hours of engaging stories about the local news in North Point, as well as telling some popular legends and humorous anecdotes.

The party Gathers Information from the locals but does not come up with much.  The locals do not think the mysterious shadow in the woods is threatening.  It has been spotted at daybreak and in the twilight hours, and the town watch has spotted something by moonlight in the middle of the night.

Their Bard’s set complete and dinner settled, the party decides to look around the outskirts of the village.  Being the middle of Springtime, there are still two hours of light left in the sky even at this time of day.  There is plenty of time before the village gates are closed for the night.

The adventurers make for the edge of the forest, and snoop around.  Making a Survival check, the party attempts to locate tracks.  Unfortunately, without the Track Feat, no-one will be able to follow any markings they find.

Druid Yorgenson Uberson does find some tracks (Survival = 19).  There are footprints from a human, and some from a bear.  He cannot tell how old the tracks are.

Satisfied with this discovery as a good start, the party returns to the village.

(end of session)




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