E.G.’s [D&D v.3.5] – Session 9

The following description of the night’s events was provided by E.G. with additional notes from G.R., as  K.R. was not present at the game to create the week’s narrative.

Magnus, Corun Dum’man, Goa Finnbjorn, Kulich, and Yorgenson Uberson remain in their position on the wall near the North Gate.  Elroy Wick and Øskur Røgnvaldurarsøn have left the group to go and gather more crossbow ammunition and javelins.

The party saw that the East Gate has been breached.  From here, they cannot determine just what was happening.  All that is clear is Ilva the Druid; she has shape-shifted into the form of huge Treant, and was smashing invaders with her massive branches.

The North Gate was itself engaged, but holding.  The party recalled their orders – which amounted to “Hold position until the gate is breached, and then use your discretion”.  There was no cause yet for them to abandon their post.

At this time Corun Dum’man was visited by a runner.  This messenger was sent by Jøhan, their section commander.  In a rush, the runner asked the Wizard if his master, Alfred, had taught him the Wall spell yet.  Corun had barely answered “No” and the runner was gone, off to seek out the next spellcaster who might have that spell in their repertoire.  The group could not see it, but Alfred was using Wall spells to great effect, blocking the broken East Gate and dividing invaders into manageable groups for the town’s defenders to overwhelm.  Jøhan will have a use for this same strategy in his North Gate defense.

Soon the North Gate broke down.  The party quickly made to join the gate defense.  Along the way, Magnus and Kulich took up stray weapons as could be found.  The Fighter took a long bow and the Cleric obtained a light crossbow.  The party fought from the wall adjacent to the Gate, firing down on both sides, while Jøhan himself led a group of defenders to contain the breaching orcs, goblins, and ogres.  Corun Dum’man and Goa Finnbjorn focused their efforts on ogres, to significant effect.

Magnus, when he saw that the Gate’s oil had already been expended, enlisted a random town defender and they ran back for the pot left boiling at their former position on the wall.

Yorgenson cast a brief, 2-round Wall of Smoke across the Gate.  This slowed the enemy for a few seconds and it nauseated a few who passed through.  The Druid then followed up with an Entangle spell centered inside the mass of invaders pressing to breach the North Gate.  The spell allowed the defenders to finish most of their foes before reinforcements arrived, but some caster in the enemy ranks quickly dispelled it.

Orcs and goblins then began scaling the wall, but only a few managed the climb and were easily dispatched.  Magnus and his associate returned with the hot oil and dumped it from a walkway above the shattered Gate onto the orcs and goblins below.  Magnus suffered several crossbow bolts in the process but from the sounds of agony below it appeared to have been worth the pain.  Kulich would heal him immediately after, and even the town defender helper made it through safely.

More orcs and goblins started making the climb onto the wall.  Were they to keep it up, they would quickly overwhelm the defenders.  Corun Dum’man recognized this fact; putting his delicate Wizard life on the line, Corun ran to a burning brazier at the top of one of the North Gate’s towers and kicked it off the side.  When it fell onto the oil-soaked invaders below, a bright if mundane wall of fire erupted, immolating many unfortunate assailants.

Incensed or spurred on by the flames, four ogres charged through friend and foe alike to get behind the first line of defenders – the latter stepped aside to let the ogres through, then closed ranks to focus on holding the line against the orcs and goblins.  Jøhan spearheaded reinforcements to bring down these now-isolated ogres.

Soon a cry went up from spotters and defenders on the wall – the invaders were retreating!!  Held at all gates despite breaking down the town’s defensive doors, the orcs, goblins, kobolds and ogres were pulling back.  Theirs was not a full retreat; the invaders withdrew only to outside the range of arrows, and proceeded to establish camps around embattled North Point.  Certainly they would try again.

Vigil was maintained through the rest of the night.  Kulich expended what healing he had left to stabilize the dying before joining the others on the wall.  The enemy did not return to continue its assault that night.

The damage could be assessed with the dawn.  Roughly four hundred attackers died in the assault, and sixty-eight defenders were lost – primarily wall defenders struck by Fireball spells.  Magnus was dismayed; he pointed out that this round was ‘lost’ under the circumstances, noting that the defenders need to maintain at least a six-to-one ratio of casualties if they hope to win.

There was a meeting led by Chief Samuel and Governor Rolofson.  The evacuation of non-combatants was proposed by someone but immediately shot down.  Every hand that can hold a weapon will be needed if there is to be any hope of victory.  There are few, if any, willing to abandon their homes; no warrior wants to think of their family being in harm’s way, but no family can just give up.

(end of the session)

[Magnus achieves Level 3]



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