Cards (18 of 25) – “Indestructible″

Or nearly so.

How did someone earn one ?  You had to have at least that many Hit Points, of course; and you had to survive the Save vs. Death that would come with taking so much damage all at once.  The “…50 or more…” was indeed damage taken in one hit, not the sum of all damage from an encounter.

How frequently were they awarded ?  We’d get into some serious fights some times, and a heavy Power Attack crit with a greataxe or a cranked-up Fireball could get you on the short-list for this card.  Or get you dead.  I think there were four or five of these awarded.  Probably not to Wizards or Sorcerers.

That’s a lot of damage.  Yes, yes it is.  That’s why there’s a card to recognize the accomplishment.  Even if you end up dropping or dying on the next attack or in the next round.  You still survived this attack.


The “Cards” series of posts recalls the special “trophy” business-cards awarded to players during E.G.’s original D&D v.3.5 game several years ago.  This is a weekly post.


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