E.G.’s [D&D v.3.5] – DM decision regarding XP…

To quote E.G. directly :

I’m going to start granting bonus experience for characters that are behind the leaders. It’s a really simple system: if you’re not the same level as the current top level character(s) your XP gains are multiplied by the number of levels you are behind. As a result, only characters that are 2 or more levels behind benefit from this.

To the question as to if new characters start at Level 1 :

At this time, yes. It’s very possible to be level 2 after a single night now, but if it’s a fight you could be dependent on the good will of your fellow players. Once someone makes it to level 4 it will be possible to start at level 2 if the player can come up with 4 realm-specific questions (or have as many banked), as I’ll be multiplying that bonus (100 XP for first question, 50 more for subsequent Q’s to a max of 5 per character) by the highest contemporary PC level.




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