Cards (21 of 25) – “The Slurpee Cup″

Probably banned in New York City :

How did someone earn one ?  There was really only one player who was going to ever get this card, and that player was A.B.  Around the time of Star Wars Episode III, A.B. had picked up a Slurpee from 7Eleven and it came in a collector’s cup with a Mace Windu head topper  (CORRECTION – it was a Darth Vader head topper, as in pic at bottom.  Someone else had a Mace Windu torso topper cup).  So it came to be that any time A.B.’s character scored a critical hit and he was due to roll an absolute mess of dice (a handful of d6’s, d8’s, d10’s and more d6’s thrown in), he would feed all those into the narrow straw opening of the Mace Windu Darth Vader head collector’s cup.  Then shake up the rock-tumbler of dice, and swirl and rattle the inverted cup to slowly, randomly spew out his vomit-load of damage dice.

How frequently were they awarded ?  Probably two or three times at least.  A.B. had a couple characters (Attrid most notably) who possessed a fair slew of additional damage dice from Feat abilities or magic mods to the weapon.

Was there something worse ?  Oh yes.  Player M.H. had a solid-glass collector’s “Mister Peanut” jar that had once contained a pound or two of salted dry-roasted peanuts; but in later years, would be the unfortunate shaker for a fistful of damage dice for one of his characters.  If a pile of dice in a Slurpee cup is annoying but amusing, half as many die in a glass jar, shaken up, is knives in the eardrums of everyone at the Table.  As A.T. mentions in the Comment section below : he (A.T.) was the first to use a Mister Peanut glass jar for the many d12’s of his Bolt of Glory spell.  M.H. did have his own Mister Peanut jar that he may have used on occasion for the same purpose, tho that was after A.T. broke the sound barrier.  Isn’t memory a reliable tool ?

Darth Vader Slurpee cup topper

Darth Vader Slurpee cup topper



The “Cards” series of posts recalls the special “trophy” business-cards awarded to players during E.G.’s original D&D v.3.5 game several years ago.  This is a weekly post.



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2 Responses to Cards (21 of 25) – “The Slurpee Cup″

  1. A.T. says:

    Correction. Mr. Peanut was my method of -slowly- doling out d12s in the event Bolt of Glory got past an enemy’s SR. He still sits on the table behind where I sit if I’m not mistaken alongside his still-laden-with-dice Slurpee brethren.

    To be fair, M.H. did in fact have his own Mr. Peanut and I do believe he cast dice from it with his archer on occasion.

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