Cards (25 of 25) – “86″

It’s not even a prime number.

How did someone earn one ?  There was only one “someone” who was ever going to score one of these : A.T.  In fact it was after he had tallied up spell damage equaling 86 points twice, that this card was invented.

How frequently were they awarded ?  I believe one or two of these were awarded after-the-fact, and then probably two more were awarded to A.T. over the course of the rest of E.G.’s game.

Why 86 ?  Like the card says…we have no idea.  I am hopeful A.T. himself will post a Reply to this blog entry and fill in the details as to what spell(s) it was and how many dice were rolled for the damage.  His Cleric, Anathiir, had one or two spells that dealt a frankly irresponsible amount of damage to foes; and by the whims of the dice-gods, that damage added up to “86” an eerie number of times.


The “Cards” series of posts recalls the special “trophy” business-cards awarded to players during E.G.’s original D&D v.3.5 game several years ago.  This the final post.




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2 Responses to Cards (25 of 25) – “86″

  1. EG says:

    The spell was Bolt of Glory, and he rolled that damage at least three times at various levels (different total damage dice). It was creepy. I think those were three consecutive uses, too, although weeks (months?) apart.

  2. A.T. says:

    Ah, my dear friend 86. E.G. is correct in the spell being Bolt of Glory, dealing d12 per caster level to evil Outsiders. This spell is responsible for a good number of award cards in itself, including an Explosive Attack. For whatever reason, fate chose to have this number be the total after several castings of the spell over the course of several levels of Xd12 damage rolled. If I’m not mistaken, the number came up as a melee damage result after a Smite as well.

    I have 4 of these cards. I’m not sure if they account for each time it came up. It may have come up in other campaigns we didn’t award cards as well.

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