E.G.’s [D&D v.3.5] – Session 24

The following description of the night’s events was obtained before Session 25‘s adventure.  K.R. was not present at the game to create the week’s narrative.

The abandoned cabin does not seem so wise a place to hole up for the night.  Magnus, Kulich, and Eberk load their tied-up Goblin onto a horse, and the party rides away from this valley.  A short distance to the east, another glen avails itself.  Here, Magnus interrogates the Goblin, promising he will not kill the prisoner.  The Goblin gives up all the information it knows.

The Goblin and his Worg rider associates are remnants of the army ambushed and routed by House of Davis forces almost two weeks ago.  The Orc commander of the army was slain in the ambush; his forces dispersed in retreat.  Orc and goblin survivors of the massacre are making their way east, to a rendezvous point.  From this place, the stragglers will follow a route into the mountains and return to their home base.  This news pleases Magnus; his plan to back-track the Orcs will work.

The Goblin knows that there was a Stone Giant settlement somewhere north-east of here; it was destroyed by the Orcs some time ago.  And to the north-west there is a Chimera nest.  The Goblin wants nothing to do with that dangerous area.

When asked about what leads the Orc and draconic armies, the Goblin doesn’t know.  It does know that the second-in-command is an Ogre, some kind of Mage or Shaman – and a very powerful one at that.  The Goblin fears that Ogre greatly, and this fear is widespread among his kind and among the Orcs.

True to his word, Fighter Magnus doesn’t kill the Goblin.  He leaves the Goblin in the valley, tied up but supplied with a single javelin.  The group rides east until another uninhabited valley is found, where they camp the night.

Carrying on the next day, Eberk, Kulich, and Magnus discover part of the trail that the retreating Orcs are following.  It leads past a canyon, and in the canyon the party notices a rudimentary shelter.  The shelter is a piled-wood lean-to, where six Orcs sleep away the daylight.

The party ambushes and kills the Orcs.  Searching the camp, Kulich and friends find a buried treasure-chest, containing some items of modest value.  These Orcs appear to have been bandits, raiders who deserted one of the Orc armies and went off on their own.

(end of the session)




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