E.G.’s [D&D v.3.5] – G.R.’s take on S.34

Here are G.R.’s notes from Session 34 :

GR Notes Session 34

GR Notes Session 34

The scanned image of the sheet garbled the text from “King Blaine” down to “Ohh myyy”.  I will reprint it here :

King Blaine – died suddenly plans for tomb not finished – one advisor (Priest of Law) decided to complete some aspects on his own – decided to use guardians instead of typical traps – made pact with lower planar entity (low = dwarf thinking + not want to force higher planes) – Beholders considered, undead considered, so devils used – other elders decided to counterbalance this by placing item sets in vestibule (in case of fiendish breakout, break glass).  King buried with artifact/relic – stone finger – others are known of (at least 4), some affinity between them – King did not permit much research on it – had some “improving” effect on him – explicitly stated he wanted it buried with him, not passed on – reason for extreme defenses.  King was ~300 on death, ‘young’, died of ‘natural causes’.  CLICK! -artifact could be what the Orcs were after up north – 2 known to be up north, 1 to the west – Ohh myyy.

The group is considering hiring mercenaries to take back to North Point.  The DM provided a cost estimate for this plan :

A steal of a deal at twice the price

A steal of a deal at twice the price




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