E.G.’s [D&D v.3.5] – T.F.’s take on S.35

Here’s what T.F. sent me, about Session 35 :

With the limited numbers on hand with just B.P. [as Dwarf Fighter Eberk] and I [T.F. as Human Warmage Armst] we decided to go out on some bounty hunter work. There was a Sergeant (Harold) that had killed someone and fled the city to the Northern Hills. After purchasing a couple Light War Horses we then headed out to hunt down and exact justice on the criminal (death). After starting off in the direction last seen by Harold, we found a base camp used by the local patrols and started searching from that point. It took a combined effort between B.P. and I to track the prey with a series of spot checks, and survival checks. Luckily we didn’t get off track.

After several hours of tracking and following the trail we came to a small grove where we spotted a body on the ground. On our horses we charge in to surprise the forsaken Sergeant. To our dismay it was the corpse of an orc. Actually there were 2 orc corpses. Checking the wounds, it looked like s slashing weapon was used. The blood was still wet and oozing. The war mage looked at the weapons of the orcs and noticed that there was blood on both weapons. If this was the results of our prey he could wounded. So we continued the search for Harold. After about 3 more hours of searching we spot the ass of a horse. We decide to approach this one a little different. casually walking forward (minding our own business) but yet ready for anything, as he notices us, he stands up from laying down and prepares for attack.

With the dwarf being a little closer than the mage, Harold attacks the dwarf. Harold had top initiative followed by the Dwarf, then the mage on cleanup. After Harold missed the dwarf, the favor is returned. The mage decides to drop a few buckets of rocks on his head. Hail of stone The sergeant and the dwarf trade attacks again, and the mage hits with a Melf’s acid arrow. Seeing that his biggest threat is the mage Harold starts to position himself to take out his biggest threat. He tags the mage with a nominal hit with his sword. another miss by the dwarf and things are getting interesting. Taking a small 5′ step the mage lays into him with a scorching ray which lands solid on him also. But when the dwarf has his next attack, it was a masterful strike to the vitals of Harold. The fight was over.

Loot consisted of 1 heavy war horse, which we were commission to return to its owner; 1 breast plate armour +1; 1 heavy steel shield MW; 1 light crossbow MW; 1 long sword +1; some gems and gold.

with the day running late, and not going to be able to make it back to the patrol camp we decided to camp where we were. no encounters Not gaining a full nights rest, the mages spells were still short of full. The next day we traveled back to the city with the dead on his horse and us riding our horses out. we did have a little skirmish with a pair of orcs. tit tat, they died we lived. dwarf and mage each acquired a kill. Burning hands lit up their life then there was a miss lesser orb of cold followed by a dagger thrown at one which was enchanted with blades of fires.

the dwarf had better luck killing his orc quite readily, and then to finish the fight magic missiles flew from my fingers to strike the orc quickly and accurately, and to the death.

Loot 2 scale mail MW; 2 battle axes MW; 2 potions of cure moderate wounds; and some cash and gems

after settling affairs for the venture and selling loot the mage picked up a small little amulet o natural armour, then we deposited the remaining balance into the party treasure 529gp 33sp.


My thanks to T.F. for this account of the adventure we missed !




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